If you are battling any addiction, admitting and seeking help are necessary steps toward recovery. Alcohol, drug, or any other addiction type can affect anyone regardless of their social and educational class or background. Most people live in denial but accept they have an addiction when it has ruined relationships and finances and affected their careers. Before it’s too late, decide to kick the habit and live a more fulfilling life. The good news is, your labor union can help you get into a local detox center. What do you stand to get?

  • Emotional support
  • Job security
  • Guidance when choosing a rehabilitation center
  • Financial support
  • Support group

Alcohol Addiction

It mostly starts as casual drinking or occasionally going out with friends, and then it transitions into binge drinking and alcoholism. Young men between 18 and 28 are more likely to binge drink and end up as alcoholics. 6% of the USA population (15 million people) abuse alcohol and only 7% admit the problem and seek professional help. Many people are still living in denial as the addiction ruins their lives and that of their loved ones.

Some people don’t suffer from disturbing hangovers after a night of drinking, making them not realize the vise’s dangers. They see the habit as a harmless recreational activity that doesn’t impact their jobs or family life. However, a careful look at their finances, career, and family life can tell a different story. Those who have stressful jobs or family life tend to drink more.

Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse can be inherited, but peer pressure, vulnerability, and social settings may play a huge role. If you ever experimented with drugs when young, you are more likely to try again when older and more likely to get addicted. However, there is an increasing case of patients who get hooked on prescription drugs such as opioids. Doctors prescribe high doses, which leads to overreliance and eventual abuse. Opioids ruin the lives of innocent people who could never have abused drugs in a typical setting.

Involve your Labor Union

Most labor unions have insurance plans that cater to drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. Through the labor union, you can locate union-only support groups where you can interact with other members and build a drug or alcohol-free life. Approaching your labor union for support also ensures that your employer doesn’t fire you for missing work, but this may vary depending on:

  • How long you have worked for your current employer? You should have been employed for at least 12 months.
  • How many hours of the 12 months were you actively at work? It should be at least 1250 hours.
  • Your employer has at least fifty workers within 75 miles

Note that your employer can fire you if he discovers you are abusing illicit drugs, and it’s affecting your work input. However, if you willingly take the required steps, your job may not be affected. But it’s essential to inform your employer before you start the treatment.

Through your union, you may access treatment facilities you wouldn’t get on your own. Unions have top-of-the-range insurance plans meaning that you don’t have to drain your finances to get the appropriate treatment. Find out the rehabilitation centers the union supports and whether they will cater to the entire treatment plan, or you have to chip in.

Getting an Ideal Detox and Rehab Center

The type of rehab center to choose depends on the addiction type and extent. An addiction evaluation determines whether you need outpatient or inpatient care, psychological help, and treatment for other abuse-related complications. It’s also essential to connect with a support group in your locality or online.

You also need the love of family and friends because, at times, it gets hard.  Your family will always be there to ensure you don’t fall back. As you will learn, it gets easier with time, but you have to be intentional about your decision to remain sober or drug-free. With the help of your labor union, you will get the treatment you need and, most importantly, have a support system to urge you on.

It’s essential to look at the benefits of overcoming addiction. You get to live a healthier, happier, and more peaceful life, and you can grow your career. You can also build more meaningful relationships both at work and at home. People trust you more and are comfortable relating with you. Take advantage of the fact that your union is willing to walk with you through the journey. It will be more manageable.

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