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Trusted Substance Abuse Treatment in Indiana

Addiction Treatment Center in Lafayette, IN

We have seen the rates of fatal overdoses rise in Indiana for over 20 years. This totals over 15,000 lives lost in our state alone from 1999 to 2017. It is no surprise that the number of resources available in our state has increased in the past twenty years.

In 2019, there were 432 emergency room visits in Tippecanoe County that were caused by drug use, according to the state’s governmental website. In 2020, 14 individuals lost their lives as a result of their drug use for Tippecanoe County.

When we look at the number of times that Naloxone, also known as Narcan, was administered, we can see a significant rise from 2019 to 2020. There were 161 reported uses of Naloxone in Tippecanoe County, and then 245 reported uses the following year. Naloxone can be used as a life-saving measure in a situation involving an opioid overdose. Opioids are commonly cut into other drugs, so it is possible that anyone can have an overdose when abusing illicit drugs.

The increase in Naloxone begs the question, is the increase due to more individuals overdosing, or could it be that Naloxone is more accessible to those who need it? Increasing the amount of Naloxone available to the public is viewed as a harm reduction approach. Having Naloxone at home allows you to administer the medication while you are waiting for help. Naloxone will not help if an individual’s overdose is the result of a drug other than an opioid.

Tippecanoe County developed a drug task force in response to the drug-related crimes that were happening in our county in 1996. This task force works to decrease the distribution and availability of drugs in our county, decreasing the use of illicit drugs in our county. The task force is currently made up of 6 local law enforcement individuals.

Other government-funded programs for Tippecanoe County to address the rise in illicit substance use include the Overdose Response Project, Overdose Fatality Review Team, Syring Exchange, LHD Naloxone County, and a Mobile Response Team.

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What to Look for in a Lafayette, IN Drug Rehab

When you begin looking at drug rehabs in Lafayette, Indiana, you will likely consider the cost. Insurance programs typically cover a significant portion of the costs for addiction treatment; however, you may still be left covering a portion of the bill. To see what you may be responsible for, you can call your insurance provider and ask about your benefits. This should give you a better understanding of your potential costs.

Take time to consider if you would like to attend a treatment center closer or further away from home. Choosing a treatment center closer to home may be more convenient for you; however, some find that having some distance from home allows them to focus more on their recovery.

Many individuals who are looking for addiction treatment need to attend a detox program first. If you think this may be something you need, try to find a program with an onsite detox program to transition into their treatment program. Detox centers have 24/7 medical coverage to monitor for potential dangers that are known to occur during withdrawal.

Inpatient programs can vary from 30-day to 90-day programs, all of which have pros and cons. The length of your treatment program should be individualized to you and your specific needs. If you struggle with a mental health concern, such as PTSD and trauma, you may need a longer treatment stay compared to someone without a mental health concern. This brings us to our next point, make sure that your chosen provider can treat all concerns that you have. Some programs specialize in addiction and are not able to provide mental health treatment, while others focus on treating specific substances of abuse and may not offer treatment for your drug of choice.

Outpatient rehab programs typically include both group and individual therapy at a drug rehab center. Outpatient programs have a progression to them that follows you with the growth in your recovery. You may begin in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which includes frequent and long group sessions. As you move through your recovery, your treatment plan should adjust to reflect this. Outpatient treatment gives you a place to come for support with struggles and successes while at the beginning of your recovery.

After-care programming is an option that would allow you to stay in treatment on a much smaller scale after completing your outpatient treatment program. This typically includes group therapy once per week, so you can continue receiving the support of the group.

Family programing is commonly available at inpatient rehab programs. Family therapy focuses on the family unit, compared to the individual struggling with addiction. Family members are impacted by your addiction, and would likely benefit from some professional support as well. Together, you can all learn what moving forward together would be like for you. These programs do have an educational component to teach them about the disease concept of addiction as well as how they can support you in recovery.

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Outpatient Program
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Why Choose Our Drug Rehab Near Lafayette, IN

Evolve Indy is located, in northern Indianapolis. This is approximately one hour Southeast of Lafayette, In. Our program is designed to be tailored to you and your needs. Our staff has years of experience in treating addiction and using a variety of treatment approaches. Because of this, we can provide you with the best possible care available.

We are an LGBTQ+ friendly environment that strongly believes that everyone deserves compassionate and supportive care for their addiction and mental health struggles. We are experienced in working with a variety of mental health conditions. Our staff is equipped to work with individuals struggling with alcohol, opioids, cocaine, and heroin addictions.

We offer several programs, including a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Outpatient Treatment (OP), and Family Programming.

Our PHP program would allow you to avoid overnight stays at the treatment center, and return home at the end of programming. Our program is designed to help you address the negative thought patterns you have, learn to regulate your emotions healthily, and learn new coping skills. We provide group, individual, and family therapy with this program.

IOP programs are ideal for individuals who have what is considered a mild addiction, and who have a home environment supportive of recovery. With this program, you will come to our drug rehab near Noblesville during the day and return home. If you do not have a safe and supportive home environment, we do offer community housing that you can utilize. With our IOP program, you will be in 15 -25 hours of group therapy and one hour of individual therapy per week.

Similar to our IOP program, you have the opportunity to utilize our community housing while you are in our Outpatient Program. Your treatment plan will reflect your personal needs and will continue to be changed as you progress through your recovery. We offer group sessions, individual sessions, and continued medical evaluation if needed. The length of OP will depend on your specific needs, as it can potentially be one year.

Our family program is a great resource for your loved ones. Family programing will build on what you work on in your addiction treatment by focusing on the relationships within your family. This program focuses on educating your loved ones and helping you find out what moving forward looks like for all of you.

Insurance Can Help Pay for Treatment

Evolve Indy works with most major insurance providers to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket
costs when you enter treatment at our facility.

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Individualized & Customized

Get Help at Our Lafayette, IN Rehab

If you find yourself having questions about the services at our drug rehab near Lafayette, IN, please call us at (855) 495-1063, and a representative would be happy to talk to you about our program. We believe that our luxurious facility, experienced staff, and exceptional programming will be able to help you in your recovery efforts.

Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This placed saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy!
Auston M.
Evolve Indy is by far the best treatment facility in America! From the top down, Evolve has some of the most amazing, dedicated, and professional men and women in the field. The team at Evolve are focused on addressing the root causes of addiction and have a team of medical staff and clinical therapists who help each individual formulate a personal plan to learn about their addiction and how to maintain long term Sobriety. I know all of this because I personally completed the program at Evolve Indy! The men and women at Evolve helped me to regain control of my life and successfully placed me on the road to Long Term Recovery! I am forever grateful for the program that this amazing facility has in place to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I would highly recommend Evolve Indy as a solution to the problem!
Justyn R.
Evolve Indy is an intensive outpatient care treatment facility for those that wish to recover from their addictions. The team working there was developed and form a unique group of people that have faced issues of Addiction and used programs such as are taught at Evole Indy to change their lives and live in recovery with the unique opportunity to help others find first their sobriety, then their recovery. These lessons come from a first hand personal basis from people that have lived those lives and fully understand the challenges that clients face and how to deal with them to improve their future lives. My heart goes out to the clinicians and staff at Evolve Indy that have helped me to recover from a life of addictions and to live my life now in recovery.
David K.
I don’t even know where to begin. Addiction doesn’t care what family or person it chooses to effect and it’s definitely a long and tough journey not only for the addict but also for the loved ones included. My first call was to Marty and he immediately arranged a force to go and talk to my son. Guided me in the process and made it easy during a rough time in our lives. Tyson took time away to welcome my son to the Evolve house at midnight bc it was the only flight we could get him back due to Covid and he welcomed my son and never once looked upset that it was late and helped him get set up and took time from his personal life to do that for us. Whitney whose a amazing counselor and my son loved her. There is a millions things and examples of what each of them did to help take care of my son through the process but when you walk into Evolve you feel calm, like family and mostly loved. When you meet Joe you just immediately feel his genuineness and his heart for everyone. My son loved him and his choice of music 😂 Mike Reynolds who also was amazing to my son and I can’t thank him enough. But mostly my biggest thanks and appreciation goes to Brian Kendrick. For multiple reasons, when my son left Evolve and was in sober living he still took my son under his wing and treated him like his own. When we went through relapse he contacted each of us on the daily.
Shawna C.
The staff at evolve indy was great they actually cared they gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them.Ive been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing.
Christopher D.
These people truly care!! If I had a loved one struggling, I would pick Evolve in a heartbeat. Quality care with genuine professionals in a luxurious setting.
Jake S.
I know these guys very well. When I look at treatment programs I think: Would I send a family member here? With Evolve Indy, the answer is yes. Keep up the good work guys!
John N.

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