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Evolve Indy: A Leading Destination for Treating Substance Use Disorder and PTSD

Our mission at Evolve Indy is to provide exceptional care for individuals struggling with substance use disorders and PTSD. Our team of specialists is committed to delivering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We utilize evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), to assist our clients in overcoming their traumatic experiences. Our compassionate team is always there to offer you unwavering support as you take your first steps toward healing and a brighter future.

Understanding PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that emerges after exposure to or witnessing a traumatic event, spanning a wide range from combat exposure to physical or sexual assault, natural disasters, accidents, and childhood abuse or neglect. Individuals dealing with PTSD may display a variety of symptoms that significantly impact their daily lives, categorized into four main areas:

  • Intrusive Memories: Those with PTSD often grapple with involuntary, recurring memories of the traumatic event, leading to distressing dreams or flashbacks that create a sense of the event recurring.
  • Avoidance: Coping with distressing memories prompts individuals with PTSD to actively avoid triggers associated with the traumatic event, including specific places, people, or activities that evoke memories of the trauma.
  • Negative Changes in Thinking and Mood: PTSD may induce pervasive negative thoughts and feelings, resulting in distorted beliefs about oneself or others, persistent feelings of guilt or shame, and diminished interest in once-enjoyed activities.
  • Changes in Arousal and Reactivity: Those with PTSD may experience heightened arousal, becoming easily startled or hyperaroused. This state can lead to difficulties with sleep, irritability, and concentration issues.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that not everyone exposed to trauma develops PTSD, and individual responses can vary. Additionally, symptoms may not manifest immediately after the traumatic event but can surface months or even years later. Treatment for PTSD typically involves psychotherapy, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), along with medications in some cases.

Support from loved ones and a comprehensive, patient-centered approach are essential in helping individuals navigate and overcome the challenges associated with PTSD. If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms of PTSD, seeking professional help is recommended for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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Our Modern Facility Has Everything You Need.

Evolve Indy is centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our residential compound was designed to help offer quality, evidence-based programming alongside modern amenities. Evolve Indy is a one-stop-shop for lasting addiction recovery.


Adventure Program

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Wellness Activities

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The Importance of Simultaneously Addressing PTSD and Addiction

The Indispensable Relationship Between PTSD and Addiction: The Importance of Treating Both Conditions Simultaneously

The co-occurrence of PTSD and addiction can have a profound impact on an individual’s overall well-being, making it essential to treat both conditions together. A comprehensive treatment approach is necessary due to the complex interplay between these conditions. Here are some reasons why addressing both conditions simultaneously is critical:

  • Co-Occurrence: PTSD and addiction often occur together, with individuals frequently turning to substances to alleviate PTSD symptoms. This can lead to the development of a substance use disorder.
  • Reciprocal Influence: PTSD symptoms and substance use can influence each other in a cycle of dependence. Substance use may temporarily alleviate PTSD symptoms, but it ultimately exacerbates the overall mental health condition. Conversely, individuals may turn to substance use as a means of escape from PTSD symptoms.
  • Increased Risk of Relapse: Treating only one aspect of the co-occurring disorders may leave the other untreated, increasing the risk of relapse. Addressing both concurrently improves the likelihood of sustained recovery by comprehensively addressing the underlying issues.
  • Holistic Healing: Both PTSD and addiction impact various aspects of an individual’s life, including mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Treating them together allows for a holistic healing approach.
  • Underlying Trauma: Many individuals with addiction have experienced trauma. Unresolved trauma can be an important contributing factor to substance use. Addressing the underlying trauma through PTSD treatment is crucial for achieving lasting recovery.
  • Comprehensive Care: Integrated treatment programs that address both PTSD and addiction provide a more comprehensive and tailored approach. This ensures that the root causes of both conditions are effectively addressed.

To break the cycle of mutual reinforcement, reduce the risk of relapse, and promote holistic healing, treating PTSD and addiction together is essential. A comprehensive approach that addresses the complexities of both conditions simultaneously increases the chances of long-term recovery and improved overall well-being.

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Discover Our Carefully Curated Environment

The environment of a rehabilitation facility matters. The positive and negative impacts of the surroundings in a recovery center can make or break the outcome of recovery. Designing a drug rehab facility near East St. Louis requires a thoughtful approach that prioritizes the needs of patients and staff.

Evolve Indy has taken many measures to provide an environment that caters to our staff and clientele. This results in a high success rate for long-term recovery. Here are some of the quality accommodations we provide at Evolve Indy.

  • We have designed our rehabilitation center to promote healing and recovery within a calming environment.
  • Thoughtful spaces that accommodate various therapeutic activities and support group sessions.
  • A layout that encourages movement and social interaction while maintaining privacy and safety.
  • Accessible and comfortable living spaces that feel like home and provide a safe place during a difficult time.
  • Thoughtful selection of materials, colors, and textures that are durable, low-maintenance, and promote a positive atmosphere.
  • Integration of natural elements such as plants and natural light for a restorative effect.
  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art technology to support treatment and monitoring.
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations and standards to ensure patient safety and well-being.
  • A culture purposely curated for understanding and caring support. Staff members who are in recovery, or love someone in recovery have been thoughtfully chosen to join our team for increased support and proof that recovery is possible.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Indiana

Individualized & Customized Addiction Treatment Programs

Evolve Indy Addiction Treatment Center 56

Partial Hospitalization

This model of care is comprehensive, enabling individuals to take back control of their lives and overcome addiction through a variety of evidence-based treatments.

Evolve Indy Addiction Treatment Center 19

Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program aids individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in discovering a lasting journey to recovery, facilitated by ongoing, extended treatment.

Evolve Indy Addiction Treatment Center 42

Outpatient Program

The outpatient program at Evolve Indy serves as a reduced intensity level of care, integrating the essential elements of our primary program with a more flexible approach.

This article discusses four self-care strategies that are essential for maintaining sobriety after rehab and avoiding relapse, find out more!
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What to Expect at a PTSD Treatment Center

Entering a PTSD treatment center ensures a specialized, trauma-focused approach meticulously designed to address the diverse symptoms associated with PTSD. The facility’s overarching goal is to facilitate individuals’ progression through the healing process with a systematic, step-by-step approach.

Psychotherapy assumes a central and indispensable role in the PTSD treatment paradigm. Trauma therapists at the facility employ a range of therapeutic approaches tailored to the unique needs of each individual. These therapists typically undergo specialized training in these methodologies to ensure the delivery of effective and compassionate care.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) stands out as a prominent option available at the center. CBT aids individuals in identifying and transforming negative thoughts into healthier ones. Another key approach employed is exposure therapy, gradually guiding individuals back to the traumatic event with the aim of reducing avoidance behaviors and alleviating fears associated with the experience.

In addition to CBT and exposure therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, a form of talk therapy, enriches the treatment arsenal. This approach delves into unconscious thoughts, fostering an enhanced understanding of behaviors and the development of healthier coping skills. It establishes meaningful connections between past events, unconscious thoughts, and current behaviors.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a contemporary therapeutic approach, harnesses external stimuli like eye movement or hand tapping to alter thought processes. EMDR has demonstrated effectiveness, particularly for individuals with PTSD stemming from military combat, physical assault, sexual assault, or severe motor vehicle accidents.

A PTSD treatment center ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach, integrating evidence-based therapies to support individuals on their journey toward healing and recovery from trauma. The center strives to cultivate a supportive and understanding environment where individuals can effectively address the impact of PTSD on their lives through the implementation of specialized therapeutic interventions.

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Evolve Indy: A Haven for PTSD and Addiction Treatment

Evolve Indy is a specialized facility that provides expert care for individuals seeking help in overcoming PTSD and addiction. The center acknowledges the intimate link between trauma and substance use disorders and offers a tailored and integrated approach to resolving these issues.

Customized Treatment Plans

Evolve Indy recognizes that every patient’s experience with PTSD and addiction is unique. Therefore, personalized treatment plans are created to meet each patient’s specific requirements.

Evidence-Based Therapies

The center’s skilled therapists use various evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These therapies assist patients in recognizing negative thought patterns, reducing avoidance behaviors, and developing healthier coping strategies.

Supportive Environment

Evolve Indy provides a supportive and compassionate setting for those seeking help. The staff’s goal is to guide patients through the recovery process, one step at a time, empowering them to overcome the impact of trauma on their lives and achieve lasting recovery from addiction.

Holistic and Personalized Approach

Evolve Indy is committed to helping individuals rebuild their lives and achieve sustained well-being through a holistic and personalized approach. The center serves as a beacon of hope, providing specialized care that addresses the complex interplay between PTSD and addiction.

Our Reviews

If you are in need of treatment and are seeking a way out of addiction, you should stop reading and call Evolve Indy. They will provide you with all the necessary tools to get you ready to become the best version of yourself all while staying in comfortable accommodations. The staff is top notch and the therapists are wonderful. Everyone will go out of their way to make sure you feel supported.

Evolve Indy is a true blessing.



For anyone needing help with substance abuse, if you are tired of living the way your living. If you want something different, a new way of living. This is the place for you. The therapy is wonderful. The staff is amazing. The group settings are great! The facilities are top of the line. This place will give you a very comfortable environment to change and to grow if that is what you seek. I would highly recommend Evolve Indy if you want to change your life. Take it from me and my own experience, this place can totally change your life and absolutely make you a better person. Put the work in with this program and you will be amazed.


I had a great time at Evolve. The people there truly care about you mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve dealt with health issues and they took me multiple times to doctors and specialists. The house is amazing. The Sunday outings are a great way to have some fun while in treatment. The classes are engaging and helps with underlying issues. I’ve been to other treatment centers and this one by far is dedicated to your success.


Evolve was seamless for me from living in a treatment facility -to- transitioning back to the real world. Their staff is experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely care. If you’re willing to do yourself a favor by leaving your old life, give Evolve some serious thought.


I loved being here. I came from one 30 day treatment to this one. It helped me and my family really get thru some of the stuff we had been hiding and not dealing with it. We now have a better relationship and now I can have a opportunity to get my kids back home with me. Best decision I ever made was continuing my recovery with this place. Thank you for helping me.


This place has been a saving Grace for me. I came from inpatient to to Evolve and it was the perfect next step for me. I have gained so many skills and tips to help me along my journey. I would recommend this facility to any struggling addict or alcoholic.


Evolve Indy: Your Partner in PTSD Treatment

At Evolve Indy, we believe that providing holistic support and care to our clients is essential, even after they have left our facilities. Our team is devoted to helping you with PTSD treatment programs and finding the right support groups to guarantee long-lasting recovery. Studies have proven that PTSD treatment is crucial to treating drug and alcohol addiction and are an integral part of addiction treatment programs.

We are committed to helping each and every client achieve long-term success. Our team at Evolve Indy is here to assist you at every stage of your recovery journey. Reach out to us today if you require PTSD treatment, and our team will be delighted to provide you with the guidance and support you need.

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