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Women's Drug and Alcohol

More than 22 million people across the nation struggle with at least one substance use disorder each year. As many as seven million of those are women. For many seeking comprehensive addiction treatment, professional rehab is a crucial turning point necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. If you are one of the many who have considered seeking addiction treatment help, you may have noticed there are many different types and treatment specializations available. It is easy to wonder how to determine which type of facility can best help you achieve your treatment needs and goals.

In the United States, there are thousands of professional addiction treatment programs. Each program strives to provide high-level, comprehensive addiction therapy based on evidence-based treatment models that have been proven successful over the years. Additionally, many offered different levels of care or specialized treatment environments designed to meet the treatment needs of specific demographics. When considering which rehab is best for you, it is important to consider not only your particular needs and goals but if there is a type of treatment environment that will provide the highest degree of comfort for you. Research has shown people seeking addiction recovery are more likely to complete their entire course of treatment if they are in a setting where they feel safe, supported, and comfortable communicating with treatment providers and other members of the treatment community.

When researching treatment programs, you may have seen programs advertised as gender-specific or gender-focused treatment. Different programs address gender-specific care in different ways. Some offer addiction treatment in an entirely gender-specific setting, meaning the treatment environment offers services for either women only, or men only. Other programs, like Evolve, offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs designed to meet the gender-specific treatment needs of men and women. Although our treatment centers are open to all genders, we offer a range of therapeutic models intended to focus on the unique treatment needs of men and women.

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Why Treatment Personalized for Women is Successful

Research indicates that biological gender (one’s gender at birth) plays a role in how and why substance use disorders develop. National statistics show biological gender is a critical component of substance use and abuse factors. Some common examples include when (the age) people start using, the type of substances they use, and how their brain and body react to drugs and alcohol. Women, for example, are statistically more likely than men to report abusing prescription drugs like oxycontin or codeine. In contrast, men are more likely to struggle with challenges related to alcohol and marijuana use.

Biology also plays a significant role in why women begin using drugs and alcohol. Research shows women often start using drugs or alcohol because they seek a coping mechanism to manage or dull symptoms related to a history of trauma or trauma they experience in their current environment. Many women who are diagnosed with a substance use disorder have a family history of substance abuse, trauma, or mental illness.

Another critical biological gender-specific difference focuses on the severity of drug or alcohol use. Typically, women begin using at lower rates (lower doses or more infrequent doses) than men. However, their frequency of use and the amount they use escalates faster than males. Women often seek help overcoming addiction sooner, but frequently present with higher rates of dual diagnosis conditions such as mood disorders or anxiety disorders.

Data released by the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows women continue to experience lower rates of overall drug and alcohol use when compared to men. According to the 2018 study, women experience substance abuse disorder at roughly half the rate of men in the same demographics. However, they are more likely to turn to alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication for mental health issues.

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Why Choose Gender-Specific Treatment

The Benefits of a Women's Addiction Treatment Center

Men and women experience addiction in different ways. The symptoms and effects they have when actively using and when trying to get sober will vary. Because of these differences, it is essential for addiction treatment to address the unique needs of each gender. The most beneficial and effective treatment outcomes occur when seeking treatment in a program like Evolve, where treatment models focus on the differences between the genders.

Women have specific detox and treatment needs based on the physical effects of alcohol and drugs. The human body differs (sometimes significantly) between the genders. Some notable differences include weight, size, muscle mass, and fat composition. Due to these factors, women process alcohol and drugs differently than men. Male bodies are generally comprised of more water and less fat than female bodies. Because fat retains alcohol and water dilutes it, women are at a greater risk for significant physical effects of ongoing alcohol (and drug) use. They are also at an increased risk for significant physical organ damage resulting from chronic substance abuse.

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Women's Addiction Therapy

There is also a range of gender-specific social and emotional concerns surrounding addiction treatment therapy. Addiction treatment providers must address these factors to ensure men and women have equal access to comprehensive and effective addiction treatment. Women entering treatment due to an addiction resulting from a traumatic event may also benefit from gender-specific programs. Those who have experienced verbal, physical, or sexual abuse at the hands of the opposite may not feel safe discussing these events in a group therapy setting that includes male participants. Women may feel uncomfortable sharing painful, traumatizing, and intimate life experiences in a mixed-group therapy setting. For this reason, gender-specific treatment often creates an environment that feels more welcoming and safer, especially for those dealing with trauma-related addiction. Increased comfort encourages openness and honesty, which are vital factors for the healing process throughout addiction treatment.

Women with children may also find benefits in seeking gender-specific treatment. Women with children often find it incredibly challenging to be away from home during the treatment process, but with the support of other women who can relate and understand those feelings can reduce the weight of that stress. Gender-specific treatment helps by customizing the approach to best fit the needs of women, in ways that broader treatment may fail to do. Research indicates women are generally more comfortable and successful in a treatment setting where participants are more open and willing to discuss past trauma or addiction struggles. Gender-specific treatment, at Evolve, considers these critical treatment differences when working with you to design a treatment program to help you achieve your treatment goals.

Individualized & Customized

Get Help from Our Drug Rehab Center for Women in Indiana

At our drug rehab center for women, in Indiana, you will work with a team of highly trained, caring, and compassionate treatment providers to help you safely and successfully overcome addiction. At Evolve’s women’s addiction treatment center, our treatment models incorporate proven effective behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based therapies with holistic interventions to address the addiction any other co-occurring mental or physical health conditions.

Addiction is a disease that is characterized by instances of relapse for both genders. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women who complete an addiction treatment program of at least ninety days are three times more likely to maintain sobriety long-term than those who do not seek addiction treatment. If you are considering addiction treatment and are interested in a rehab program that tailors their treatment models to offer gender-focused care, contact us at Evolve, in Indiana. Our admissions team is here to answer our questions about how gender-focused treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab program for men can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. To learn more about our programs and how we can help, reach out to us today.

Evolve Indy is hands down the best treatment center out there! The staff at Evolve are amazing, dedicated and truly care about your Recovery! I would recommend this treatment facility to anyone battling alcoholism/addiction. This placed saved my life and I’m beyond grateful for every staff member at Evolve Indy!
Auston M.
Evolve Indy is by far the best treatment facility in America! From the top down, Evolve has some of the most amazing, dedicated, and professional men and women in the field. The team at Evolve are focused on addressing the root causes of addiction and have a team of medical staff and clinical therapists who help each individual formulate a personal plan to learn about their addiction and how to maintain long term Sobriety. I know all of this because I personally completed the program at Evolve Indy! The men and women at Evolve helped me to regain control of my life and successfully placed me on the road to Long Term Recovery! I am forever grateful for the program that this amazing facility has in place to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I would highly recommend Evolve Indy as a solution to the problem!
Justyn R.
Evolve Indy is an intensive outpatient care treatment facility for those that wish to recover from their addictions. The team working there was developed and form a unique group of people that have faced issues of Addiction and used programs such as are taught at Evole Indy to change their lives and live in recovery with the unique opportunity to help others find first their sobriety, then their recovery. These lessons come from a first hand personal basis from people that have lived those lives and fully understand the challenges that clients face and how to deal with them to improve their future lives. My heart goes out to the clinicians and staff at Evolve Indy that have helped me to recover from a life of addictions and to live my life now in recovery.
David K.
I don’t even know where to begin. Addiction doesn’t care what family or person it chooses to effect and it’s definitely a long and tough journey not only for the addict but also for the loved ones included. My first call was to Marty and he immediately arranged a force to go and talk to my son. Guided me in the process and made it easy during a rough time in our lives. Tyson took time away to welcome my son to the Evolve house at midnight bc it was the only flight we could get him back due to Covid and he welcomed my son and never once looked upset that it was late and helped him get set up and took time from his personal life to do that for us. Whitney whose a amazing counselor and my son loved her. There is a millions things and examples of what each of them did to help take care of my son through the process but when you walk into Evolve you feel calm, like family and mostly loved. When you meet Joe you just immediately feel his genuineness and his heart for everyone. My son loved him and his choice of music 😂 Mike Reynolds who also was amazing to my son and I can’t thank him enough. But mostly my biggest thanks and appreciation goes to Brian Kendrick. For multiple reasons, when my son left Evolve and was in sober living he still took my son under his wing and treated him like his own. When we went through relapse he contacted each of us on the daily.
Shawna C.
The staff at evolve indy was great they actually cared they gave me tools for my recovery and showed me how to utilize them.Ive been to many recovery programs and this is the only one that has ever helped the staff there go above and beyond there amazing.
Christopher D.
These people truly care!! If I had a loved one struggling, I would pick Evolve in a heartbeat. Quality care with genuine professionals in a luxurious setting.
Jake S.
I know these guys very well. When I look at treatment programs I think: Would I send a family member here? With Evolve Indy, the answer is yes. Keep up the good work guys!
John N.
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