The concept of moral injury is gradually gaining ground. However, the idea is yet to be fully understood or even appreciated outside professional circles. Most people only consider the term to be more mechanical or mechanized, only limited to people with military experience or veterans with PTSD. But moral injury can affect anyone exposed to some levels of psychologically traumatizing events and can happen to people of all ages and sexes. This article will examine how it impacts a woman’s core beliefs, either about herself or the society she lives in. 

What Is Moral Injury?

Moral injury is a distressing psychological behavior resulting from being exposed to a psychologically traumatizing event. A moral injury affects the psychological, social, behavioral, and even spiritual health of the person exposed to such an event. 

When it comes to core values or beliefs, a moral injury usually occurs in response to witnessing or taking part in activities or behaviors that go against a person’s moral beliefs and values. 

The Impact Of Moral Injury On A Woman’s Belief System

A person’s moral composition consists of their belief systems, values, ideals, etc. When such a person compromises these systems, they begin to question every single moral value or belief they once held on to and engage in activities contrary to that belief system. Moral injury can seriously damage a woman’s core beliefs in some ways. Here are some of them.


Although a moral injury is an inevitable consequence during the course of drug addiction, it can also be the cause. During addiction to drugs and substance abuse, a woman can easily and quickly violate moral values and beliefs, especially in an attempt to continue feeding those addictions. Additionally, a woman exposed to a psychologically traumatizing event can seek some false comfort in drugs, alcohol addiction, and substance abuse, causing her to completely violate every belief system and moral value she once held on to.

Lack Of Self-Worth

Naturally, one thing that flows from addiction and moral injury is a significant blow to a woman’s self-worth. Such a woman begins to think less of herself and her value to herself, her family, and society. She also begins to believe that she has no way of finding real value in herself or overcoming her addiction or the moral injury she is experiencing. Today, comprehensive rehab programs help to restore any lost self-worth.

Conflicting Sets Of Values

Moral injury can also lead a woman into a constant state of conflicting sets of values – a moral dilemma. It completely shatters the concept of norms and values as a unified system.

Treatment Opportunities Available

Today, there is a better understanding of moral injury and its impact on women’s core beliefs, which has led to better recovery programs. Knowledge on the subject has evolved significantly, and experts now have the benefit of more research results. They now offer more comprehensive treatments to people experiencing moral injuries and the impacts such damages come with.

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