When facing a diagnosis of addiction, it is important to remember that addiction is not a choice. There is still a stigma surrounding those who are battling addiction problems, but the crucial thing is that you have identified the problem, and you are here to seek appropriate help. An inpatient program is not the right choice for everyone. There are different treatments and types of programs available for those who are not seeking residential support. These include:

We will look at each of these so you can decide the level of treatment suitable for you. Remember, if you are unclear at any point, contact us directly for further information specifically for manufacturing and factory workers and how you are served by Indiana drug rehab centers.

Partial Hospitalization for Manufacturing and Factory Workers

A partial hospitalization program is an excellent choice if you have already completed an in-patient program, but don’t yet feel ready to return to your day-to-day routine without some ongoing support. A PHP may also be suggested for you if you require a detox program, as it is a safe and easy way to monitor your progress if you are taking medication to help with withdrawal.

Partial hospitalization programs are designed for those who do not require overnight care at an addiction treatment facility.

Much of the support available is similar to an in-patient program. You will be offered different types of therapy, for example, cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, unlike an in-patient program, a PHP offers you the opportunity to remain at home with your family whilst still undergoing treatment. You will receive an intensive program of support that gives you an average of five sessions a week, with sessions lasting between four to eight hours each day. 

In addition to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), you may be offered dialectical behavioral therapy. Both of these types of therapy seek to address the negative thought patterns that result in addictive behavior. You will be supported by your therapist to develop new, healthy coping strategies, without falling back on the negative behaviors that can result in addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Manufacturing and Factory Workers

Someone who is undergoing treatment as an intensive outpatient is usually taking the next step of their treatment after completing a PHP. A client at an intensive outpatient program has more freedom to resume their daily routine, whilst still continuing some elements of the supportive program available on a PHP and as an inpatient.

Therapy sessions available for those in our treatment centers will address the impact addiction has on those around you, for example, your family and friends. You are often given group and family counseling. Many of our patients find this particularly beneficial – your group can include those from similar backgrounds and industries as you – which makes opening up about your history with addiction, and concerns moving forward, a little easier. 

Outpatient Programs By Indiana Drug Rehab Centers

This is a further “step down” from the programs previously listed, but can also be undertaken without having first been a client on a PHP or as an intensive outpatient. An outpatient program allows you to maintain elements of your regular routine, whilst still attending therapy between five and seven days a week, depending on your individual program. 

Because these programs have a less intensive structure than others, it may take a little longer for you to achieve your personal goals, but if you are motivated to reach your treatment goals, then an outpatient program can offer excellent flexibility for you to remain at home and at work whilst still seeking the right level of support.

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