Life can be stressful and dangerous for steelworkers. You often have to spend long hours working in a dangerous and noisy environment, exposed to workplace accidents and different toxins. At the end of a long day, you still face financial challenges and other family issues that are made worse by the fact that you spend long hours away from home.

It’s therefore not surprising to find some steelworkers turning to alcohol or drugs to escape their stressful lives. It’s also not uncommon for these individuals to realize that things have spiraled and they are now battling substance abuse.

Signs You Need Rehab If You’re a Steel Worker

Many of those dealing with alcohol or substance abuse are in denial. They insist that everything is under control even when it’s clear that they’re in over their heads. Some of the signs that you need rehab treatment include:

  • Being unable to stop drinking or using alcohol
  • Placing you or your colleagues in danger at work
  • Your loved ones expressing concern over your substance use.
  • Hiding your drinking or drug use from others.
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, appetite, or behavior.
  • Your health has started suffering as a result of your substance use.

If you find yourself in this situation, realize that help is available. The first step you need to take is to accept that you have a drinking or drug abuse problem. The next one is seeking the help you need to get your life back on the right track. This means finding a substance abuse treatment facility in Indiana that helps steelworkers.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Steel Workers in Indiana

Realizing that you need to go to rehab and actually going are two different things. This may be complicated because you don’t want to take time off work or maybe you don’t want your boss or coworkers to know you have a substance abuse problem. You might also be worried about meeting the costs of treatment.

Here at Evolve Indy, we have specific rehab treatment programs that are designed to help steelworkers in Indiana to kick addiction. Our treatment programs are run by people who know what it’s like to battle addiction as well as the challenges steel workers face.

Some of our treatment programs include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). If you enroll in this program, you’ll still receive the same level of care you’d receive in an inpatient program but without having an overnight stay at our rehab facility.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program. This comes after attending a PHP and it allows you to gradually resume your normal life while still progressing through addiction treatment.
  • Outpatient Program. If you’re dealing with a mild addiction, our Outpatient Program is ideal for you and it gives you the flexibility of seeking treatment while remaining at home.
  • Family Therapy. Substance abuse also affects the friends and families of those dealing with addiction. Our family therapy program is aimed at helping the entire family rebuild their relationship after addiction.

Addiction doesn’t have to affect your life forever. Contact Evolve Indy today and let us help you overcome addiction and turn your life around.

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