When entering a drug rehabilitation program, you deserve the very best treatment cycle. While mild addiction can usually be combated with short rehab stays, most severe addicts find that long-term rehabilitation programs will give them the best shot at sobriety. Both 90-day and six-month stints are highly effective solutions.

But which of the two long-term drug rehabilitation treatment programs is right for you or your loved one? Here’s all you need to know.

90-Day Rehab VS 6 Month Rehab Program Candidates

Both 90-day and six-month drug rehabilitation programs are for serious drug addicts that have seen their lives significantly harmed by their dependence. Candidates could be suffering from one or more of several drug addictions, including but not limited to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription drugs.

While the right treatment should always be matched to the individual, the following points should provide some insight into which program is right for you.

90-Day Rehab Candidates

  • Have struggled with drug addiction for over one year
  • Have failed to get clean after following an outpatient program
  • Have recently seen their dependence lead to worse problems, like crime
  • Have a major addiction but have yet to experience permanent health problems

6-Month Rehab Candidates

  • Didn’t stay clean after a 90-day program despite positive signs
  • Didn’t get clean after an intensive outpatient program
  • Have health problems like liver disease, cognitive decline, or vitamin deficiency
  • Have been diagnosed with mental health disorders that also need treatment

90-Day Rehab VS 6 Month Rehab Program Expectations

The two types of treatments do share a lot of common attributes to help drug abusers get clean. Plans are tailored to the individual, but most patients can expect to undergo

  • A monitored detox period where withdrawal symptoms are controlled
  • Various therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and more
  • Counseling and additional support to stay clean
  • A slow introduction back into the community

However, the six-month programs may also combine drug rehabilitation with medical care to manage physical and mental health repercussions that have stemmed from the addiction.

90-Day Rehab VS 6 Month Rehab Program Costs 

Getting clean is priceless. It will transform the lives of the addict as well as their loved ones in a very big way. However, families looking at different drug rehabilitation options must respect their budget limitations. 

It will come as no surprise to learn that, as a rule of thumb, the six-month rehab programs are more costly than the shorter 90-day options. However, a number of contributing factors will influence the overall costs of either program, such as

  • The choice of a rehabilitation center and its geographic location
  • Whether the treatment requires extra features like partial hospitalization
  • How long does the detox period last

Candidates (or their families) should also know that some insurance companies will pay out for drug rehabilitation programs. Meanwhile, others may qualify for scholarships to cover the costs.

To find out more about both 90-day and six-month drug rehabilitation programs, get in touch with the Evolve Indy team today!

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