Addiction. It doesn’t discriminate against anyone no matter your age, gender, race, or background. You can be raised in a home with addicts and not become an addict yourself. Equally, you can be a doctor at a respected level and turn to Oxycodone to get through the day. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but you will find that studies show that men seem to be more prone to substance abuse than women. Not only are men more likely to abuse illegal drugs than women, to misuse prescription drugs, but they are also more likely to end up in the hospital following an overdose.

Drugs are used in different ways, but drugs are also used differently by men than women, and both have different responses to drugs and treatment. There is a reason that rehabilitation centers for men exist, and understanding what unique concerns address for men at a drug and alcohol treatment center is important. Drug and alcohol rehab for men allows men to get the treatment that they need in a way that’s specific to their addiction and their rehab needs. It’s a place in which they can open up and feel safe to do so, without feeling weak.

Why Is Addiction Higher In Men?

Substance abuse in anyone is a concern, but in men, the rate of abuse is higher and the usage is different. Men often drink at a higher rate than women, with binge drinking at a higher rate, too. Men are more likely to use heroin in bigger amounts than women and they are more likely to inject it, too. When it comes to prescription medication, men are more likely to use it than women, and the admittance of using illegal drugs is higher in men than women, too. The reasons behind turning to addiction are also different for men than women, and some of the reasons that men turn to drug abuse include:

  • Body image issues
  • Family history (learned behavior)
  • Unfulfillment in professional life
  • The stress of being put in an environment that is too pressured
  • Traumatic history and PTSD
  • Depression and mental health issues

Men & Addiction

There is a big issue with men and that’s that addiction makes them “weak”. The perception is incorrect, of course, but admitting there is a problem is the hardest thing for a man to do. It’s important to remember that a problem is not a weakness and there is no shame in needing a crutch. It shows that there is a level of pride in where to turn for help, and substances are not the right place to look.

Substance abuse is a disease and it’s vital that any patient who wants help understands that. A men’s only addiction center is a place in which men can recover, relax and detox and all hope is not lost. It’s not too late for help, it’s never too late for help. Gain the peace of mind that you need to know that everyone in one place has your health in mind as their goal. Men’s rehab is the place to turn, and simply being around other men in your position will help.

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