You’ve completed the residential inpatient program and are ready to move into a less intensive program where you’ll be spending nights away from the treatment center. Whether you’re now participating in the partial hospitalization program or outpatient program, you need somewhere to spend the night. The place you were living before you entered treatment may no longer be the best environment for you in recovery. At Evolve Indy, we can help you find post-rehab housing that fits your needs. 

Identifying your housing needs post-rehab

When identifying your post-rehab housing needs, consider the following:

  • Will you be living alone or with others? If your former household members use drugs or alcohol, you may not be comfortable living with them again. You may want to look for housing that’s big enough for just you, or if you have a family, children, or pets, you may need something a little bigger. 
  • Ideal location. By distancing yourself from bars or houses selling drugs, you’ll more easily be able to stay sober. If you’re continuing to receive therapy at the treatment center, you may want to be close to the facility. 
  • Financial situation. Where can you afford to live? What does your housing history look like? Are you currently employed? These questions will influence the type of housing you qualify for. 

Before leaving the treatment center, we can talk with you about your housing needs and help you develop a plan to find the perfect housing. While it may not be possible to check off everything on your wishlist, it’s important that your new home supports your sober lifestyle and enables you to stick to your recovery plan. 

Exploring your housing options after being at a detox treatment center

If your previous household cannot provide a sober environment for you but you’re not ready to live independently yet, Evolve Indy can provide you with a room in our men’s and women’s housing. These modern and luxurious homes are fitted with large TVs, WiFi, Cable, and on-site laundry. Located in safe communities, our housing facilities will provide you with 24/7 care and supervision. This environment keeps you accountable to both yourself and the other newly sober individuals you live with. 

Living in a home with people who understand what you’ve been through and are fully supportive of your goals and lifestyle has massive benefits for the success of your recovery. 

Staying sober in your new home post-rehab

To ensure you continue on your path of sobriety in your new home, we will work with you to develop an aftercare plan. If you’ve just completed the residential inpatient or partial hospitalization programs, we may suggest you move to one of our flexible outpatient programs. 

In the intensive outpatient program, you’ll attend at least 15 hours of group therapy sessions to gain support from other clients and develop social skills without the crux of drugs or alcohol. You’ll also learn coping and problem-solving skills, career, and housing support. 

In the more independent outpatient program, you’ll attend 1 to 3 group therapy sessions each week, focusing on preventing relapse and avoiding triggers. You will also be encouraged to follow and maintain a 12-step program. 

By providing you with treatment that focuses on developing tools and skills to self-manage your recovery and sobriety, you have the maximum level of success in staying sober in your new home.

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