For those struggling with drug addiction, it can be difficult to undergo intensive detox treatment, and even more difficult to return to daily life. How does someone integrate their addiction recovery strategies into their regular day-to-day routines? What if they don’t feel ready to return to “normal life”? How can they help reduce the chances of a relapse? The answer to these questions can usually be found in PHP drug rehab. 

While the first step toward addiction recovery is typically an inpatient program, which can help you to safely detox from drugs under medical supervision and receive intensive, round-the-clock care, what comes next is equally as important. Some individuals may feel comfortable returning to their lives with the help of an outpatient treatment program, but for many others, the best next step includes a higher level of treatment without the need for overnight care. This is where PHP drug rehab comes in. 

What does PHP stand for in addiction treatment? 

PHP, or a partial hospitalization program, is an effective method for addiction treatment that combines the benefits of an inpatient treatment program with the flexibility of outpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization allows those undergoing drug rehab to receive intensive treatment while still being able to remain at home with their families and support systems throughout their treatment. 

Through a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, behavioral therapy, medical monitoring, and medication if necessary, partial hospitalization programs give individuals the tools they need to succeed in their addiction recovery. Just as no two experiences with addiction are the same, each client’s treatment will be personalized to their specific needs and experiences.

Who should go to PHP drug rehab? 

What is PHP Drug Rehab?

PHP drug rehab is a great option for those transitioning from inpatient recovery into their everyday routine. For example, if someone has completed an intensive inpatient drug detox treatment, but does not yet feel “stable” enough to return to their day-to-day life, a partial hospitalization program offers ongoing therapeutic support while adjusting back to a regular routine at home. PHP drug rehab can also be helpful when needing to track progress and monitor medications if an individual is going through withdrawal symptoms during their detox process. 

PHP Drug Rehab at Evolve Indy 

At Evolve Indy, a five-star rated addiction treatment center in Indianapolis, Indiana, we understand just how important receiving the right treatment can be to your addiction recovery. That is why our treatment program provides expert-level therapy in combination with modern and traditional methods to effectively identify and treat the root causes of addiction. As part of our partial hospitalization program, clients attend clinical treatment therapy six days per week, participating in group therapy and individual therapy, as well as behavior therapy and relapse prevention to help treat their individual needs and help break the cycle of addiction. 

Get Started Today 

Our goal is to arm our clients with the tools they need to transition back into their daily lives and overcome their struggles with substance abuse and addiction. Our expert team of specialists understands that addiction treatment is often not linear, and the road to sobriety can be a challenging one. If you are ready to take the next step in your journey toward healing, get in touch today to learn more about how our PHP drug rehab can help you.


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