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Group Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction, you may be nervous in a one-on-one setting with another person talking about your feelings and struggles. This is totally normal. And it’s kind of the point. If things were fine, you wouldn’t need to speak to someone about addiction.

But what if there were another way? A way that all the therapist’s or counselor’s focus wasn’t all on you and your problems. 

Group therapy is a large part of addiction treatment and offers viable and supported therapy in a less threatening environment, especially for those who are just starting their journey of recovery. 

Addiction treatment centers, like Evolve Indy, offer a combination of group, individual, and family therapy as part of their holistic approach to addiction treatment. Through this process individuals can find a way to share at their comfortability level.

What Is Group Therapy for Drug Addiction?

Therapeutic groups are a main component of drug addiction treatment. Through these groups, individuals can build community, learn from one another, and combat shame, isolation, and depression, often common in addiction treatment.

There are five common groupings in addiction treatment:

  • Psychoeducational groups, which teach about substance abuse.
  • Skills development groups, which hone the skills necessary to break free of addictions.
  • Cognitive–behavioral groups, which rearrange patterns of thinking and action that lead to addiction.
  • Support groups, which comprise a forum where members can debunk each other’s excuses and support constructive change.
  • Interpersonal process group psychotherapy (referred to hereafter as “interpersonal process groups” or “therapy groups”), which enable clients to recreate their pasts in the here‐and‐now of group and rethink the relational and other life problems that they have previously fled by means of addictive substances.

Through these groupings individuals can provide peer support, reduce the sense of isolation, provide opportunities to witness recovery, help others learn to cope, provide information for individuals new to recovery, provide honest feedback, provide support and comfort, and provide structure and discipline. 

Group therapy can occur in coed or single-sex groupings. Through single-sex groupings clients can speak together about shared experiences. This can be especially important for men who are less likely to share in coed settings than all male groupings. However, coed group therapy can provide for a variety of perspectives and opens the door for individuals to share similar experiences across a more diverse group. 

Where Do You Go for Group Therapy for Drug Addiction?

Group therapy for drug addiction is available through every major addiction treatment program and many outside options as well. As a major component of most rehabilitation programs, group therapy can be accessed in inpatient residential rehab, partial hospitalization program, outpatient treatment, and is a huge part of aftercare. 

Group therapy for drug addiction, outside of a structured addiction treatment program, can be accessed through Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or any other ‘anonymous’ program. These peer-led support group therapy settings are led by an individual who has put the program guidelines to the test and has worked towards their own sobriety through the very program you’re attending. 

What Kind of Group Therapy for Drug Addiction Does Evolve Indy Provide?

Evolve Indy is a comprehensive addiction treatment program for individuals struggling with alcohol, drugs, and mental health concerns. Evolve Indy offers premier addiction treatment in Indiana. Our partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment programs are designed with our clients in mind. Group therapy and individual counseling make up a large part of our addiction treatment programs and are designed to provide well-rounded opportunities to develop self-management and critical life-skills necessary for sustainable recovery.

At Evolve Indy, we combine innovative addiction treatment options with tried-and-true evidence-based practices to provide our clients the best opportunities for success through rehabilitation. 
Contact us, Evolve Indy, today to see how our top drug addiction treatment center can support you on your journey of recovery.

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