Dealing with a partner’s addiction can be stressful, but if they have decided to take control of the habit, the best you can do is be supportive, hold their hand and reassure them of your love and commitment. It’s not an easy decision or journey, but your partner may manage to overcome the addiction with the right professional guidance and support. Walking together on the journey to recovery can cement your relationship and lead to more peace and happiness in your lives. If you are wondering or worried about how to find your partner the best drug rehab and detox center, check these tips.

Find a Substance Abuse Specialist for Your Partner

You may want to determine the extent of the addiction and any underlying psychological and general health issues. After the assessment, you can decide which rehabilitation center to choose to depend on:

  • The extent of addiction
  • Type of addiction
  • Any psychological issues detected
  • General health

If the addiction is mild, your partner will not need inpatient care to deal with the addiction. However, a severe addiction case requires inpatient care and constant supervision by doctors and other caregivers. Addiction may lead to other health problems such as ulcers, depression, liver, and heart conditions. It’s essential to evaluate the health status of your partner before the treatment commences.

Get Recommendations for Drug & Rehab Detox Centers

The substance abuse specialist can recommend several facilities based on your partner’s needs. Also, check with friends, relatives, and your insurance company. If you know any recovering addicts, you can ask them for recommendations. It’s good to have at least five facilities you can work with and then narrow down to a specific center.

When you have enough recommendations, check if they have an online presence. If they do, pick their phone numbers and go through their website and any other areas they’ve been mentioned. Make sure to go through the recommendation with your partner. You don’t want them to feel like you are taking control of the whole situation, and their input or feelings don’t matter. When checking the online facilities, make sure to:

  • Get the location and contact details
  • The type of services they offer
  • Cost
  • The reviews

Reviews are essential in finding out whether a facility has happy or disgruntled customers. If a facility is well-rated, you may want to check it out or call to learn more about its services. Some facilities don’t mention the amount they charge on their website. Still, they request you to call or visit them for a comprehensive cost review based on patient evaluation, type of care, inpatient or outpatient, and duration. Call the facilities that interest you and book a physical visit.

What to Do On a Visit with Your Partner

On the appointment day, take the substance abuse specialist’s assessment findings with you and talk to a professional to understand their treatment plan, the duration, and any special care required. During the visit, request a tour of the facility and understand how much the treatment will cost. You may want to visit or inspect two or three facilities and then decide on the most suitable one depending on:

The Treatment Plan

The more experienced and professional a treatment center is, the more assured you are that your loved one is getting the medical care and attention they need. The visit may highlight how the facility treats its patients, whether it’s clean, professional, and has qualified doctors. You may also want to check its accreditations and licenses too.

Cost of the Rehab and Detox

Cost is a significant determinant. You only choose the facility you can afford. Make sure to invest in quality health care and not luxury. Some centers offer luxurious amenities, which make their cost go up, but it doesn’t mean that their services are better than other cheaper options. You may want to find out how much your partner’s insurance company is willing to pay, then plan accordingly.

Location of the Treatment Center

You may want an easily accessible center where you can visit your partner freely. Choosing a convenient location means that you still get to see each other often, which can significantly encourage your partner to fight to overcome the addiction.

It’s important to understand that overcoming addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifetime journey. Avoid any facility that promises instant results. As much as the rehabilitation center needs to do what’s expected of them, recovery depends on your partner’s willpower. However, with the right guidance, family, and friends’ support, you will find the right treatment center, which starts your journey to a better and more fulfilling life with your partner.

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