Sending your husband into drug rehabilitation or a drug abuse detox treatment isn’t easy, and can leave you riddled with guilt. However, the reality of the situation is that it is the only way to get your spouse the support he desperately needs. Deep down, he knows that it is for the best too.

If you are planning to help your husband receive treatment for his drug abuse problems, the following advice is vital for both of you.

Remind Yourself Of The Benefits Of Sending Your Husband To Detox Treatment

Forcing or persuading your husband to attend a detox treatment center will improve both of your lives, as well as the lives of your children, on an individual and collective level. Reminding yourself of this fact will remove any feelings of guilt while your spouse attends his therapy sessions or intensive outpatient program.

Following a successful stint in which your husband finally rids himself of the abusive relationship with drugs, you will notice the following improvements:

  • Your husband’s physical and mental well-being will improve
  • The emotional connection you share can be restored to its former levels
  • Your husband will be less secretive and able to avoid the financial problems linked to drugs
  • You will be less stressed and worried in daily life
  • He will be in a position to resume other life goals, including career targets
  • It removes the threat of any potential criminal actions and subsequent prosecutions
  • A life without drug usage removes the immediate dangers of taking them
  • It puts an end to wasting time and money on less effective drug-cleansing methods

Ultimately, helping your husband get clean isn’t only great for you. It’s something he’ll thank you for in the long run too.

Know That Detox Treatment Is The Only Solution For Your Husband

Drug abuse isn’t the same as drug addiction. As such, you may have already tried other tactics like giving your husband an ultimatum. In truth, there are many reasons why a detox treatment is the only option you should consider. Some of the most telling reasons are

  • Your husband has already failed to get clean on his own
  • He cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms
  • He’s likely to get aggressive and take it out on you
  • His drug abuse is coupled with mental health disorders

If your husband wants help but is embarrassed about what others think, outpatient treatments allow him to continue leading a normal life while getting help to remove that drug dependence. Moreover, it will allow you to play a supportive role on a daily basis, which can help you cope.

Prepare Yourself To Cope For The Journey Ahead

Successful drug detox therapies will change your lives for the better. While it is a personal journey, you should be prepared to show that he is not alone. Your emotional support can be crucial as he gets through those difficult first few weeks. 

There are several things you can do to make the process easier for both of you, such as

  • Prepare him for residential stays or partial hospitalization
  • Research what to expect together and attend consultations together
  • Take care of organizing the daily tasks he won’t be able to manage during his rehab
  • Reassure him that you will be fine too, and actually prepare yourself for the process

Furthermore, you should be ready to support your husband during the recovery phases. Whether it’s visiting him at the center during inpatient stays or keeping his mind occupied and away from drugs during recreational activities, your support is vital. You are a team and will get through the process together.

What’s more, Evolve Indy will be here to support you both at every step of the process.

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