Convincing someone to go to rehab and get help for their addiction can be one of the most challenging things you ever do. Throughout this process, it is important to remember that you can set boundaries for yourself and that you are only responsible for your actions and reactions, not theirs. 

If your loved one is ready to make a change, Evolve Indy is ready to help. Evolve Indy is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility located in Indiana. We offer a variety of outpatient programs, including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, and standard outpatient treatment, alongside family therapy. Our treatment programs are designed to get your loved ones on the path to sobriety and support their transition through every step of the process. 

What are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

Individuals experience multiple signs of drug addiction based on the severity of their addiction and the type of drug used. Physical symptoms vary most drastically based on the specific substance being abused, but psychological signs can be common among all addicts.

Individuals who have a substance use disorder may or may not realize that their substance use is problematic. But you may have noticed these significant signs:

  • Relationship changes: Individuals struggling with addiction may have significant changes in their relationships with their family, loved ones, and friends.
  • Avoidance or Sacrifice: Addicts may avoid participating in their favorite activities in favor of substance use in isolation.
  • Secrecy and Lying: Those using drugs may become more secretive or lie to avoid confrontation and hide their illicit activity.
  • Legal or Financial Problems: Individuals who are mixed up with substance addiction, may have legal problems related to use.

Why is Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Important?

Comprehensive addiction treatment is critical for individuals who are struggling with addiction. This initial treatment can mean the differences between a restart and a relapse. While research shows that individuals who struggle with addiction relapse an average of five times, that number can be reduced with comprehensive addiction treatment where an individual receives the tools and guides necessary for successful sobriety.

Comprehensive addiction treatment includes detoxification, addiction treatment, and aftercare. This process supports individuals from the beginning and can ensure that lapses in care do not occur as those often allow for lapses in sobriety as well. 

Comprehensive care also ensures that once you get someone into rehab, they have consistent care and support throughout the process. This can be most beneficial because restarting your journey can be overwhelming and disheartening compared to continuous care with one medical professional or counselor.

Comprehensive addiction treatment also allows individuals to build a structure of support and a sober community of individuals working towards the same goals. This benefit can provide years of support even after finishing an addiction treatment program.

How to Talk to a Person Struggling With Addiction

Talking to a person struggling with addiction can seem like a challenge, especially if you are on different pages. This can be difficult for both you and them, so it is important to remember why you’re there. Convincing an addict to get help is a challenge if they don’t feel that their use impacts others. While there are several tips that can be helpful, the most important thing to remember is that you want to keep the conversation supportive, not confrontational.

First, when trying to convince an addict to get help, it is crucial to have a plan. Make sure you have all of your information gathered and what you want to say written down. This is a touchy and challenging topic to broach with someone, so being prepared will help you keep the conversation supportive and not argumentative.How to Convince Someone to Go to a Drug Rehab Program

Secondly, when thinking about how to talk to an addict, think about telling the individual how their actions have had an impact on themselves and others. An addict might not have noticed the changes around them after being so focused on their drug. 

Lastly, it is important to remember that when trying to get someone into rehab, you have to set your own boundaries. By setting your boundaries and indicating what the person’s options are to have you remain in their life, you are telling them exactly how you feel about their use and how much you want this change to occur. 

How to Convince Someone to Go to a Drug Rehab Program

Convincing someone to go to rehab is a challenge, but following the above tips and providing comprehensive treatment program options can help guide their choice in the correct direction.

At Evolve Indy, we can help you speak with your loved one about addiction treatment. Our family therapy options can help you, and your loved one reconnect in a healthy and structured way. Speak with a treatment coordinator today to see how we can help you and your loved one battle addiction.


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