Relationship abuse is a significant predictor of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol, especially in women. Multiple studies show that women in abusive relationships are more likely to have a substance use disorder than those who’ve never been abused.

Relationship abuse doesn’t always constitute physical violence. There are other subtle types of violence including verbal, psychological, or emotional abuse. Abusive partners are all about control and power over the other partner. They may intimidate or threaten the victim, dictate how they should dress, and even commonly shame them using put-downs or insults.

As a result, women trapped in abusive relationships become encumbered with guilt and shame. Their self-worth is eroded to the point where they feel that they are unworthy of love or respect. Eventually, they turn to drugs or alcohol to numb themselves from these feelings.

Addiction and Abuse In Relationships

Addiction and relationship abuse exist in a vicious cycle. In many cases, addiction leads one partner to abuse the other. When in the grips of alcohol or drugs an individual loses control of their inhibitions, increasing their chances of abusive behavior. Their partners on the receiving end, are at risk of developing substance abuse as they attempt to self-medicate their emotional pain.

Additionally, victims of domestic abuse are also vulnerable to mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Such women are often unwilling to report what happens in their relationships for fear of financial, physical, or emotional retaliation from their abusive partners. Should they turn to drugs themselves, it becomes difficult for them to gauge when they are in danger and subsequently ask for assistance.

Treatment for Addiction and Relationship Abuse

Women from abusive relationships who are struggling with addiction often require treatment to deal with both issues. The new women’s trauma program here at Evolve Indy in Indiana is geared towards addressing relationship abuse and helping victims to both stops the cycle of abuse and kick their addiction.

This program is designed to help women battling abuse and addiction challenge their negative thought patterns, confront their self-sabotaging habits and eventually go on to rediscover their self-worth and self-love.

Many of those who come to us for help in dealing with relationship abuse and addiction often require inpatient treatment to overcome the trauma they’ve been through. We admit them to our Partial Hospitalization Program or our Intensive Outpatient Program based on our evaluation of their situation. We normally don’t start them off on the Outpatient Program unless we’re sure they have a stable situation coupled with a robust support system to go back home to.

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If you feel trapped in an abusive relationship and are turning to alcohol or drugs to find escape, help is available.

We at Evolve Indy are ready to assist you to deal with both the abuse and addiction and we’ll work with you to get your life back on a more positive track. Reach out today to speak to our admission specialists or to schedule a tour of our rehab facility in Indiana.

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