Addiction is a disease that can turn anyone’s life upside down. If you’re battling substance abuse, you’re also likely dealing with shame and guilt about it. This probably stems from the misconception that addiction and substance use disorders were some kind of moral failing and something that a person willfully chooses. However, now it’s understood that addiction is a disease just like any other and that anyone can be affected.

The best thing to do if you’re suffering from substance use or addiction is to seek professional help and treatment from a reputable rehab center. If you’ve been keeping your struggle with substances a secret, seeking treatment might present a problem as you probably don’t want anyone to know you’re receiving addiction treatment.

This is understandable. Maybe you’ve signed a contract at work that stipulates that having an addiction is cause for dismissal. Or maybe you want to protect your friends and family from the stigma that comes with addiction. Whatever the case, you have your reasons to want to receive secret addiction treatment.

Although it might be better to let in your loved ones on your secret. Their support and participation through family therapy could go a long way toward helping you recover and motivating you to remain sober. It might also be difficult to keep things hidden from them especially if you are admitted into an outpatient rehab program. But the choice remains yours.

Can I get Secret Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis?

The resounding answer is Yes!

As one of the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Indiana, we at Evolve Indy value client confidentiality. Your privacy is a big deal and you have a right to keep details about your addiction treatment to yourself.  So regardless of whether you’re enrolled in our Partial Hospitalization Program or the Intensive Outpatient Program, we will place a premium on your confidentiality.

We won’t give out details about your rehab treatment or recovery without your prior written consent. The only reasonable exceptions to this would be if law enforcement were to subpoena your treatment records as part of a civil or criminal case. Another exception would be in case of an emergency where we’d have to contact your family or next of kin. This right to privacy doesn’t include the rehab facility because we need to know your personal details for insurance purposes.

Your right to privacy is also protected by the law, namely the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records Privacy Law. Additionally, if the treatment center operates as a tax-exempt non-profit entity or receives funding from the federal government, then your privacy is also protected by federal law.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Don’t let your concerns about your privacy hold you back from receiving appropriate addiction treatment. Talk to Evolve Indy today and our admission specialists will explain our privacy policy and how we keep our clients’ details confidential. For more information, contact us today.

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