Addiction is a disease that can slowly take over and destroy your life. It can ruin your career and relationships, leaving you a shell of the person you once were.

To regain control of your life, you need to start by accepting you have a problem and then finding help you need to get sober. The journey to sobriety may be challenging and it may take a few tries before you find an addiction treatment method that works for you.

While some people respond to traditional talk therapy, others find that experiential therapy such as an adventure program, works best for them.

Adventure Programs for Addiction Treatment

Unlike traditional talk therapy where you get to have sessions with a therapist -whether one-on-one or in group therapy – adventure programs rely on the natural environment to help you overcome addiction.

Adventure therapy programs are conducted outdoors with a mental health professional or trained therapist leading you through certain activities. Some of the most common activities in this addiction treatment method include rock climbing, hiking, ziplining, camping and kayaking, among others.

These activities encourage participants in the program to step out of their comfort zones and face some form of risk while pushing their limits. As a result, they receive a self-confidence and self-esteem boost and the process can prompt a breakthrough in the treatment process.

Why Adventure Programs are Beneficial

It may seem odd to rely on outdoor activities in addiction treatment but there are several reasons why adventure programs may be successful where other addiction treatment methods have failed.

For starters, these activities can easily complement intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization or outpatient programs. As part of the program, participants can choose a day to head out hiking, kayaking or camping for a few days to clear their minds while improving their physical health.

Additionally, spending time in nature can help those in recovery relax and feel more comfortable opening up and sharing aspects of their lives. This is especially useful for those who find it difficult to share during individual or group therapy sessions.

Furthermore, adventure programs allow those in recovery to build their social skills as they cooperate with others to complete tasks during their adventures. They also get opportunities to work on their problem-solving and communication skills, all of which help to complement their treatment and recovery.

However, it should be noted that adventure programs may not be suitable for everyone. Individual recovery needs should be taken into consideration before recommending this form of treatment.

Don’t Let Addiction Control Your Future

Left unchecked, addiction can make you lose everything you’ve worked hard for. Don’t let this happen.

We at Evolve Indy can help you steer your life back on the right track. We offer different evidence-based addiction treatment programs including an adventure recovery program to make getting clean more fun and exciting.

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