Although there have been significant gains in the war against drugs in the country, the number of those struggling with addiction remains high. With the opioid crisis, hundreds of people have found themselves battling addiction –something they never thought would happen to them. Many times people wonder, Does Having An Addiction Make You Weak-Minded?

If you’re one of these people –addicted to opioids, alcohol, or other substances- it’s easy to feel dejected. The nature of addiction is such that it affects you not only physically, but also psychologically.

Perhaps you’ve felt these effects. You’ve noticed that your addiction has led to some health complications or perhaps you’re not performing as well as you should at school or work. Maybe your relationships with your family and friends have started to suffer as a result of your dependence on a certain substance. Or perhaps you’ve done things that you’re not proud of to feed your addiction or as a result of it. You may have misused cash meant for other uses or ended up in an argument with a family member, partner, or colleague at work.

Seeing all this upheaval in your life is enough to question who you are. You may wonder why you have such trouble letting go of the addiction and avoiding alcohol or drugs. Perhaps you’ve even tried quitting on your own, only to go back to using. In your lowest moments, you may have given in to despair wondering if the addiction meant that you were mentally weaker than those who aren’t addicted.

Does Having An Addiction Make You Weak-Minded?

To answer your question – no, having an addiction doesn’t mean you’re mentally weak.

Although a large section of the public views addiction as a sign of a weak character and moral failing, this is far from the truth. Research and studies have shown that addiction is a complex disease. It changes how the brain works and over time, makes it dependent on the substance to function. Failure to take the addictive substance often results in unpleasant withdrawal effects, some of which are serious and even fatal.

Overcoming addiction and remaining clean and sober isn’t just a matter of will. Those battling addiction require professional, and sometimes medical, assistance to quit using and turn their lives around. This happens gradually and is often a lifelong journey and process.

We Are Here To Help

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We offer a range of addiction treatment programs on a both residential and outpatient basis. This includes partial hospitalization programs as well as intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs. Additionally, we also encourage families to attend our family therapy program to better understand addiction and how they can support their loved one through recovery.

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