Many people try to avoid getting drug addiction treatment for fear of losing their jobs or their chances of getting hired in the future. However, you could be doing yourself an injustice by not getting the treatment you need. 

According to research, people who get treatment for drug addiction are more likely to retain their jobs. Therefore, if you were ever concerned about disclosing your drug addiction treatment to your employer, it is essential you understand your choice is protected under many provisions and laws. Additionally, going for drug addiction treatment is an excellent way to enhance your productivity and overall health. 

How To Go For Drug Addiction Treatment If You Have A Job

If you are worried about going for drug addiction treatment if you have a job, know that you are not alone. Many people are found to avoid the chance of outpatient help for drug addiction for many reasons. However, there are federal laws and related workplace regulations that protect people who seek recovery through treatment. So, here is how you can go through it more effortlessly:

Get Prepared 

Will My Job Know If I Get Outpatient Help for Drug Addiction?

The first and most vital step is preparation. This is where you plan how to approach your employer about going for outpatient treatment for drug addiction. Additionally, you have to know your rights as protected under the employment agreement and other workplace policies. At last, you will need to inform your boss of the kind of treatment you want to pursue and ask for a leave. 

Know Your Rights 

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act protect any employee from any form of discrimination when seeking treatment for drug addiction. This means that you can get the treatment you need without losing your job. 

Additionally, you can be fired for any reason related to your addiction once you begin treatment. Regardless of whether the treatment makes you miss work, you are protected from losing your job and have the right to file a charge of discrimination if it happens. 

Know Your Options

Once you know the workplace policies about drug abuse, it becomes much easier to plan for treatment. Depending on how committed you are, your recovery journey will be more manageable and shorter. Additionally, you can get more information about drug addiction recovery and your career through online directories. 

Get Treatment Without Losing Your Job 

Our treatment programs are designed to help you keep your job while working on your recovery. With outpatient programs for drug addiction, you have the option to work while receiving treatment. However, some programs may require that you obtain a leave of absence to focus on your recovery. Even with this, you will have a referral to notify your employer about your treatment schedules. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs 

With this option, you get an opportunity to receive home-based treatment or in one of our facilities. Most of the outpatient treatment programs cover clinical treatment that goes for one to three days a week. 

Inpatient Treatment Programs 

With inpatient treatment programs, you will need to approach your boss for an absence leave to focus on your recovery. However, you can also get an opportunity to incorporate your work schedule, depending on the kind of treatment you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Keep My Treatment Private?

There are a few options available for you if you want to keep your treatment private. For instance, you can use your vacation for treatment instead of asking for absences during workdays. Accordingly, you can opt for outpatient programs and get help outside your work hours. 

However, you should never skimp on treatment for fear of your employer knowing. Apart from putting you at risk of losing your job, drug abuse is also harmful to your health and is associated with consequences that may threaten your life. 

Can My Employer Terminate My Employment When I Go For Drug Addiction Treatment?

Once you commit to drug addiction treatment, you shouldn’t worry about losing your job. As stated earlier, this is often a vital step. Additionally, there are many federal laws and workplace policies that protect you from such forms of discrimination. 

For instance, the FMLA will protect you from losing your job when you choose to seek any form of treatment

Can My Employer Disclose My Drug Addiction Treatment To My Colleagues?

You shouldn’t worry about anyone disclosing information about your drug addiction treatment. This is because the law prohibits anyone from sharing their private medical information with any third party.

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