There are several barriers to receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and one of the biggest is the cost of treatment.

Once you’ve come to terms with your addiction and accepted that you need treatment, the next step is normally to check around for substance abuse treatment facilities that can assist you to get better. When comparing different rehabs, one of the deciding factors is often the cost of treatment at that facility.

Meeting the Costs of Addiction Treatment

There are various options available when it comes to meeting the costs of rehab. These include:

  • Borrowing money from your loved ones.
  • Using your savings.
  • Using insurance.
  • Fundraising or crowdsourcing for funds.
  • Applying for a personal loan.
  • Applying for treatment scholarships or grants.

Using Insurance To Pay For Addiction Treatment

With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, private insurance companies are required to provide cover for members who seek treatment for substance abuse. This is now considered an essential healthcare benefit for US citizens.

While your insurance provider can’t completely deny you coverage for addiction treatment, they may have certain conditions for you to meet before using insurance to pay for your rehab. Insurance plans differ when it comes to the amount and types of treatment they will pay for. 

Some insurance providers may cover outpatient treatment and family therapy but not residential treatment services. They may also ask those seeking partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment to pay some out-of-pocket costs in form of deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance.

Asking the right questions and knowing what your health insurance plan covers before starting rehab can help you avoid unexpected, high treatment costs.

What are Copays?

Copayments, often referred to as copays, are out-of-pocket charges that an insurance provider might require you to pay for a service. Most insurance companies may not cover the complete cost of addiction treatment so what is left is your copay. The amount varies depending on your insurance plan and level of coverage.

If you find it too costly, speak to the rehab facility. They are likely to have different payment alternatives such as treatment scholarships, a sliding fee payment plan or even giving you access to private lending to ensure that you can pay for your treatment.

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If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Indiana, Evolve Indy is here for you.

At Evolve Indy we believe that substance abuse treatment should be available and affordable for anyone who needs it. The last thing you need when seeking addiction treatment is to worry about the cost.

That is why we accept different insurance carriers as well as provide a variety of payment plans for our clients. If you are interested in receiving treatment to help you beat addiction but are worried about the cost, talk to us. Call us and our treatment coordinators will be glad to go over the different payment options with you.

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