Many people battle drug addiction and substance abuse. However, everyone experiences differently. Addiction stems out of different reasons, such as family history, peer influence, or curiosity. It’s never a personal choice, and sometimes you may be unlucky to get addicted on the first try. Once you decide to seek treatment, you need to take your journey personally and look into what works for you. When you join a drug rehabilitation program, the staff needs to recognize your struggles and needs. When you join Evolve Indy, we show you what a custom rehab plan looks like for you through the following programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Suppose you have recently received residential or detox treatment, Evolve Indy’s PHP aims to provide a structured and stable environment. The program primarily focuses on helping individuals who are still struggling with post-acute withdrawal symptoms to become comfortable and begin dealing with the mental, emotional, and physical addiction impacts.

You don’t have to spend an overnight to receive intensive outpatient treatment; you can come in for the day program. We still offer addiction therapy options for clients, such as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, similar to those in an inpatient setting. Additionally, you can receive group, family, and individual counseling.

What A Custom Rehab Plan Looks Like For You

Intensive Outpatient Program

If you’re battling a complicated or severe addiction, an inpatient program would be the best fit. However, if you just completed a PHP, the best recovery plan is to join the intensive outpatient program. Our Evolve Indy’s Intensive Outpatient Program focuses on giving you support to help you get through your day-to-day life while staying at home, provided you attend all your appointments. At this stage, you develop the ability to be independent in the community, sustain good mental wellness, and achieve long-term sobriety post-treatment.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program at Evolve Indy enables you to seek treatment while living at home or going about other daily routines. While it’s a common misconception that an outpatient program is less efficient than an inpatient one, both programs equally focus on driving you to a complete recovery. Our outpatient rehab program is more affordable and customized to suit your daily needs. The type, number, and length of the counseling sessions are tailored to your unique treatment needs.

Family Therapy and Program

Drug addiction and substance abuse have a significant social, physical, and mental impact on the individual experiencing it, but families are also substantially affected. When patients go back home after rehabilitation, it’s easy to fall back into addiction without the proper support; we, therefore, hold your hand even post-treatment.

Our family therapy and program’s mission at Evolve Indy is to provide clients and their families with education and support on addiction disease, its effect on the family structure, and cross-addiction.  We design the program by assessing you and your family’s needs, educating you on chemical dependence, and providing family support during and post-drug abuse treatment for a full recovery. Drug addiction is a disease; it’s essential to learn its symptoms, know its effects, and seek treatment promptly.

At Evolve Indy, we acknowledge that every patient has unique needs surrounding treatment; our team puts that into consideration and shows you what a custom rehab plan looks like for you. Tour our facility today for premier addiction treatment and get started with the journey to reconnect with yourself.


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