When it comes to Indiana addiction treatment, there are multiple options for the loved ones of addicts. Family support groups are an integral part of ensuring that the family disease of addiction does not win. Independent family support groups through Al-Anon and Alateen offer guided support through the struggles of loving someone with an addiction. 

Like those at Evolve Indy, other options are family support groups for those who currently have a loved one in recovery. In addition, these support groups act as guidance and support for individuals who are unsure how to help their loved ones. 

Evolve Indy also offers family therapy programs in Indiana that work with family units to help repair and rebuild relationships that have been damaged by addiction. 

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What are Addiction Support Groups?

Addiction support groups work to function as support for those individuals who have a loved one struggling with addiction. Addiction is known as a family disease, and as such, many families struggle with how to cope with the choices their loved one has made, how they have been treated, and how to set boundaries for their loved ones while overcoming their struggles. 

Addiction support groups, like Al-Anon Family Groups, are groups of individuals struggling with how to function with a loved one struggling with addiction. It is a chance for individuals to connect and work with others who have similar experiences. Individuals can find resources and support and work through their difficulties through these addiction support groups. 

Are There Support Groups for Families of Addicts?

In family support groups, like Al-Anon, individuals can work with others to process the traumatic experiences related to loving someone with an addiction. These support groups are led by an individual who has experienced loving someone with an addiction and help to guide individuals through processing their feelings by supporting one another and brainstorming solutions for how they can set boundaries and avoid triggers in their own lives. 

Support groups for parents of addicts and the children of addicts exist to provide structured support while a loved one is in rehab and, most importantly, when they aren’t. 

In addition, to support groups for families of addicts, family support programs include working with a counselor or therapist and your loved one to work through the specific issues that addiction has caused in your relationships or family. 

What are the Benefits of Family Support Groups?

Family support groups act as an opportunity for individuals to come together and work to achieve a sense of calm in a tumultuous situation. Family support groups of individuals who have loved ones with addiction, work through a structured 12-step program that helps them focus on what they can control and achieve a sense of calm through acceptance. 

Al-anon and Alateen groups work to provide loved ones with an open space to share their experiences, troubleshoot their problems, and develop a supportive community of individuals with the same struggles. 

If you feel that you may be struggling with your loved one’s substance abuse, you can access this quiz to see if Al-Anon or Alateen is right. The series of yes or no questions will ask you to evaluate how you feel about your loved one’s addiction and its impact on your life. Answering yes to any of the questions may indicate that Al-Anon or Alateen could be the right fit for you.

How to Find Family Support Groups in Indiana

Al-Anon and Alateen are two of the most common family support groups available in Indiana. They work independently and are accessible through their website. Finding a structured program near you can be as easy as searching here.

There are also other family support groups through rehabilitation centers available in Indiana. For example, Evolve Indy offers family support programs that work similarly to Al-anon. Our counselors lead our groups through a program designed to support the families of the loved ones currently in our rehabilitation programs. 

At Evolve Indy, we also offer family therapy to support individuals in rehabilitation, working to rebuild their damaged relationships. Addiction can create problems even in the strongest relationships, so repairing that and rebuilding is necessary for individual success. 
Check out what Evolve Indy can offer you, through a comprehensive Indiana outpatient treatment program and family therapy approach. Contact us today and start your journey of recovery.


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