Addiction is unfortunately something that is becoming increasingly more common. The pressures of everyday life coupled with the easy accessibility of substances such as drugs and alcohol make for a dangerous combination. Addiction isn’t something to be ashamed of and you’d be surprised at just how many people suffer from it. But you might be wondering, am I an addict? How do I know?

Often, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, yet it can be hard to see if you are addicted or if you’re simply struggling with the stress of everyday ups and downs. 

You Might Not See It Coming

Stress is something we all face and if people find themselves on a downward spiral, they can often pull themselves out of it, recognizing the signs. Yet if it becomes harder to get yourself out of the rut and you find you turn to substances to help you cope, this could be a sign that you have an addiction.

Turning to drugs, alcohol or other methods of coping can be very detrimental and what might start as an innocent coping mechanism can soon get out of control and you can find it harder than ever to be the person you once were. In a vicious cycle, it’s important to spot the signs and get the help you need sooner rather than later. If you find yourself looking into a mirror and wondering “Do I have an addiction?” you are making the first step to recovery and getting back to your usual life.

Am I An Addict? How To Know If You're Addicted To Drugs

Understand The Basics Of Addiction. 

Addiction is defined as a neuropsychological disorder in which you have a persistent urge to partake in a particular behavior that tends to cause harm. This tends to be taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or binge eating for example.

Rather than being considered something that the person can control, it’s an involuntary action that gets progressively worse. The more you indulge yourself and become reliant on the substances in question, the more you need in order to reach that high it gives.

Your Brain And Addiction

The wirings of the brain change the way you perceive memory, motivation, and reward making it nearly impossible to walk away from whatever it is that you are addicted to. You could be addicted to substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, medication or drugs, or you might have a behavioral addiction. This could mean you’re addicted to things such as work, gambling or spending money. Both can have a harmful impact on your everyday life and lead you to neglect things that were important to you in the past. 

Most Common Addiction Red Flag

One of the first ways to find out if you’re addicted is to recognize if you’re reliant on something you weren’t before. Do you find yourself going out of your way to fulfill a craving? And is it never quite enough, you always want more? Do you find you need to hide what you’re doing from others? Do you find yourself isolated from your friends and family? These can all be signs of addiction

To get help with an addiction, speak to us and we can help. We focus on everything from drug rehab and alcohol rehab to addiction treatment of all kinds.

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