As with so much of the rest of the country, Fishers, Indiana is currently dealing with a severe addiction crisis. The city requires rapid action to turn the situation around and help more people escape their dependence on various substances. Specifically, there are issues around opioid addiction, both illicit and medically-prescribed, that require urgent attention. 

Fortunately, Evolve Indy in Fishers, Indiana, is here to help. We’re dedicated to helping clients recover from drug and alcohol dependency, and keeping them away from substance abuse in the long term. We believe in compassionate care, allowing anyone to come forward to ask for help and get the assistance they need to put their life back on track. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab In Fishers, Indiana

Evolve Indy is open to patients needing drug and alcohol rehab in Fishers, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. As always, we believe that people should choose local rehab centers whenever possible, instead of going out of state. 

Why? Here’s our reasoning: 

  • It’s easier for family and friends to visit and offer their support.
  • Travel expenses are lower because it is nearby.
  • You don’t have to interrupt your life, (unless you go into residential rehab which means that you stay in the facility itself). Instead, you can easily travel to and from the center, as and when you need it.
  • You can cope better with stressors. Getting outpatient rehab alongside living your regular life allows you to get treatment and overcome your triggers at the same time.
  • You don’t need to arrange child or pet care while you’re gone. You can simply include outpatient visits in your regular routine.
  • It costs less. You’ll save on accommodation expenses because you can return home in the evening, instead of having to rent a room. 

What Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options Does Evolve Indy Offer In Fishers, Indiana? 

Evolve Indy takes a scientific approach to drug and alcohol rehab. We believe in using methods demonstrated to work in published papers and peer-reviewed journal articles. Yes – there are some popular new treatments out there, but we prefer to stick with the tried-and-tested approach, both for safety and efficacy reasons. 

Furthermore, we also understand that getting through addiction is a different process for everyone. In light of this, we customize our rehab programs for individual patients. 

Here are some of the rehab options available via Evolve Indy in Fishers, Indiana: 

  1. Family Therapy Programs

Our family therapy programs seek to engender changes by including the entire family in the rehab process. People with addictions can go on to abuse people in their immediate circle of trust – and vice versa. So it is often essential for everyone to work together, get on the same page, and do what’s best for the patient.

Family therapy sessions allow family members to discuss their feelings about how the person with the addiction has affected them and show the addicted person they are loved. It also teaches them skills to cope with addiction and build a more positive future. 

  1. Outpatient Addiction Treatments

Outpatient addiction treatments in Fishers, Indiana, are best for people with mild substance abuse issues who wish to continue living independently or have recently undergone inpatient treatment. 

Outpatient addiction treatments are great because they allow individuals to continue living their regular lives. They minimize disruption and contextualize recovery treatment in the community. 

  1. Partial Hospitalization Program

Evolve Indy’s partial hospitalization program is for people who’ve recently undergone detox or residential drug rehab treatment. By removing clients from the outside world temporarily, PHP provides them with the maximum chance to recover as they go through the detox process. PHP includes both medical attention as well as other interventions that help to support recovery, including exercise, emotional support, therapy, and counseling. 

  1. Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program is for patients who complete a partial hospitalization program. Unlike residential or PHP, it doesn’t take place in a clinical setting. Instead, it helps clients reintegrate into the community using a mix of education and relapse prevention. As with regular outpatient programs, clients are free to continue with their regular lives. 

Get Alcohol And Drug Rehab And Treatment In Fishers, Indiana

If you or somebody you know is currently going through an addiction, then now is the time to act. Evolve Indy’s team of professionals is here to help guide clients out of addiction and towards a better, more purposeful, and meaningful life. 

We see people escape addiction every day, so you or the person you know can too. Simply call our hotline to get the process started. 

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