The drug problem in Columbus, Indiana with heroin and opioids has gotten worse in recent years. This is largely due to the relatively easy availability of drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and marijuana, among others with opioids being responsible for a large number of overdose deaths.

To combat this issue, several drug rehab centers have come up in Columbus and the larger Indiana. This has increased the ease of access to much-needed drug rehab services and has given hope to those individuals affected by drug abuse and addiction.

What to Expect from a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Indiana

Different drug addiction treatment centers in Indiana provide different services depending on the facilities’ values and mission. The right rehab facility for you will provide treatment programs that will complement and promote your recovery.

One of the first things to expect from a premier drug rehab facility is evidence-based treatment programs. At Evolve Indy in Indiana, we employ a range of treatment programs based on scientific research. Our partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient programs employ therapies that have been proven to work and have low relapse rates. 

We use talk therapy alongside methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and adventure therapy to ensure our clients get holistic care and treatment for the best outcome.

Other than the treatment programs, you need to check that the drug treatment center has amenities that suit your preferences. While some facilities offer resort-style amenities complete with swimming pools and chef-prepared meals, others are more basic. 

Some offer private rooms, gyms, and saunas while others have shared rooms, and clients are expected to do certain chores during their stay. While luxury rehabs are known for their deluxe amenities, keep in mind that they are also likely to be more expensive.

That brings us to the issue of cost. The cost of rehab has kept many people from seeking addiction treatment. However, this needn’t be the case as most drug rehabs in Indiana accept most of the major insurance carriers. 

This lowers the cost of treatment, making it easier for those with insurance to get help. If you aren’t covered by insurance, some treatment centers provide different payment plans and methods that allow you to meet treatment costs. With ample research, you can find one that meets your budget.

Another thing to expect from a good rehab facility is a robust aftercare program. At Evolve Indy, we understand that treatment doesn’t end when an individual leaves rehab. That’s why we have an aftercare program that helps our former clients to successfully transition back into society. 

We also link them with community support groups where they can interact with peers who have undergone similar experiences.

If you’re looking for a drug addiction treatment center that supports Columbus, reach out to Evolve Indy. We are ready to help you live a life free from addiction.


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