When you’re looking for alcohol or drug treatment, one of the biggest challenges that you’ll come face to face with is the cost involved. There are a variety of rehabilitation programs in Indiana but many of them cost more than a lot of people can afford. Fortunately, there are alternatives available to you if you’re not in a position to pay for treatments, or if you’re not covered by insurance.

Government Resources for Rehab

One of the best options for many people looking for Indiana addiction treatment is the range of government-funded facilities that are available. There are three options for government-funded treatments:

State-Funded Rehabs

State-funded facilities in Indiana are operated by government funding through grants and subsidies from the state or country government. Due to the close connection, these programs have with the state courts, many of these programs have court-mandated clients. These treatment centers often have long waiting lists due to the fact that they are often free, or the very least, low-cost.

Donation Based Rehab

As the name might suggest, donation-based rehab centers tend to have their funding donated by organizations and individuals. This can include private facilities that offer scholarships. However, it’s highly unlikely to find scholarships within private treatment centers. Donation-based rehabs are the least common rehab and tend to exist only if supported by an organization or a church.

Vocational Rehab

Vocational rehabs receive funding through clients who work as a part of their treatment. There are often strong Christian elements to these programs along with the work elements. The most famous example of this kind of vocational rehab is probably the Salvation Army.

Advantages of Choosing Government-Funded Rehab Facilities

Government-funded rehab facilities can offer fantastic care to those looking for addiction treatment. They offer many of the basic resources required for addiction counseling, outpatient treatment, and the detox process. Here are just a few of the other benefits of government-funded rehab centers.

  • Price

The cost is one of the most obvious benefits of government-funded agencies since they often offer services at no cost. If they do require payment it often uses a sliding scale model and any amount individuals are asked to pay is negligible when compared to private facilities.

  • Professionals

Those hired by government centers are qualified practitioners and the facilities treat patients with the latest in medication, intervention, and research.

  • Accountability

Because they are run by the government, there is a far greater level of accountability for how their funding is used. These kinds of facilities have to prove their effectiveness in order to continue to function.

Finding Resources for Government Rehab Facilities in Indiana


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA will connect you to government treatment centers near you.

  • Your primary care doctor

Your doctor should be able to direct you towards government facilities that provide drug and alcohol treatment.

  • Hospitals with detox services

Some hospitals may offer services that work alongside clinics to help with addiction treatment.

Things to Consider About Free Rehabs

Government-funded facilities are not the same things as free rehabs. Free rehabs in Indiana don’t offer medically supervised detox and don’t prescribe medicine for withdrawal symptoms, referring them to the hospital in the even that withdrawal presents a medical danger.

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