Many people struggling with substance abuse are in denial.

“My drinking is completely under control.”

“I am not overdoing it. I need these painkillers to help with my pain.”

“I don’t need help. I am not hurting anyone.”

These are some of the common statements they make to try and rationalize their habit. Maybe you’ve heard a loved one make similar statements. Perhaps you’ve said these words, trying to convince yourself and others that your substance abuse isn’t that bad.

However, the truth is that substance abuse is a huge problem taking its toll on both individuals and society. Taking drugs (both legal and illegal) or substances in ways that are not intended or recommended can lead to a variety of problems including health or social issues, neglect of responsibilities, and eventually, addiction.

Why you need to seek substance abuse treatment

Those dealing with substance abuse often feel like their lives are out of control. To avoid the adverse effects of alcohol or drug dependence, treatment is required.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to get substance abuse treatment: Substance abuse gets worse over time.

The longer you keep using these substances, the more your body comes to rely on them. Over time you will need larger and larger doses to get the same effect. As a result, detox will be more difficult when you try to quit, making it hard to succeed in recovery.

It’s hard to stop on your own.

For treatment to be successful, it needs to address both the physical and psychological aspects of substance abuse. This is why it’s hard to kick this habit on your own. You need to not only be physically removed from the substance but to also address the underlying issue that led to the abuse.

You’ll be in good company.

Quitting substance abuse is hard and you’ll often feel all alone. However, when you check into a substance abuse treatment center, you’ll be surrounded by others in the same situation. They won’t judge and they’ll understand what you’re going through. You’ll be able to bond, share experiences and support each other as you work on getting better.

You’ll work with qualified professionals.

Overcoming dependency requires a strategic approach to help you get through the detoxification symptoms as well as assist you to deal with the underlying psychological issues. Enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program ensures that you have access to qualified therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors to give you continuous support and education to remain sober.

You’ll be in a positive, caring environment.

For treatment to be successful, you need to choose a treatment center with a reputation for providing outstanding service.

Here at Evolve Indy, we pride ourselves on providing a positive and caring environment that will motivate you to get better. Our team of professionals is ready to provide a personalized treatment plan to put you on the road to recovery and sobriety.

If you, or your loved one, has decided that it’s time to rid yourself of substance abuse, give us a call and let’s discuss your treatment options.


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