Indiana offers the perfect option as a treatment location for New Jersey residents looking for the best centers and treatment programs for complete recovery from addiction and substance abuse. Today, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and other types of addiction has become comprehensive and affordable. But you need to find the right place to go for the best treatment. The best treatment centers employ only the latest technology, tools, expertise, research, and environment to deliver complete and all-around restoration. 

Indiana is one of the best places to go if you need top-level treatment, and one such facility is Evolve Indy.

About Evolve Indy

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Evolve Indy offers treatment options to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction problems and general substance abuse. From alcohol addiction to different types of opioid and other drug issues, you will find the comprehensive help you need at Evolve Indy. The treatment center offers unique treatment programs for each person, based on their individual cases. Evolve Indy currently has three main facilities – a clinical campus, men’s housing, and women’s housing.

Treatment Programs Available For New Jersey Residents

Evolve Indy offers four main treatment programs for addiction problems. These are;

  • In-patient programs
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs

The partial hospitalization program is designed to offer a solution for those who have already undergone their detox stage and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It gives them the maximum comfort they need to focus on their recovery. Here experts can help patients through their withdrawal symptoms and ensure that they do not claw back into their addictions.

The intensive outpatient program is for recovering patients living independently. From there, they move to the outpatient program. This program is ideal for patients in their final recovery stage and comes with the added benefits of group therapy sessions. Family therapy options exist to help patients’ families offer the needed support while assisting them in building or mending their relationships.

Benefits Of Choosing An Indiana Treatment Center As A New Jersey Resident

If you live in New Jersey, you’ll probably be wondering why you need to be in Indiana to access great addiction treatment. Here are some reasons why.

Highly Rated By Previous Clients

If you’re looking for a treatment center with a track record you can rely on; then you have another reason to go to Indiana. Evolve Indy has over 20 years of experience taking care of high-profile clients from all walks of life. They have a tall list of satisfied clients with success stories of their recovery journey that will inspire you to take your first step and believe that you’ll receive the recovery you need. 

Stay Focused On Your Addiction Treatment

The last thing you want is your home responsibilities holding you back from full recovery. Family support plays a huge role in the recovery process. However, your obligations at home can also be the main reason you’re not able to focus on your addiction treatment. Moving away from home will help ensure that you stay focused on your treatment and recover quickly.

Experts In The Field

As we already mentioned, the team has a wealth of experience extending over 20 years, with a tall list of satisfied clients. This addiction treatment center comprises experienced therapists, mental health nurse practitioners, and case managers. Experts specially designed treatment programs who have once experienced the lows of drug addiction and substance abuse. That means you’ll receive the care you need from people who know what you’re going through and the best means to treat you. 

Benefits Of A Change Of Scenery

Sometimes, a change of scenery is what you need to give you a renewed sense of a fresh start. Indianapolis is a vibrant city with hiking trails for the adventurous and lots of green scenery for those who love to observe nature. It is the perfect place to step out and enjoy the outside world in a new way, offering something different from what you may be used to in New Jersey. And if you love food, the city boasts a variety of options to choose from. From traditional marketplaces to coffee shops, you can be sure that you’ll have healthy food treats available to you at every turn.

Flexible Financial Plans

No matter your financial state, you can be assured a flexible payment plan is available for you. One of the main reasons people ignore addiction treatment centers is that they believe these options are costly – that is not the case here. Plus, Evolve Indy works with different insurance carriers to limit your out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. 

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