Addiction to drugs or alcohol has entrapped hundreds of people in the country and Connecticut residents haven’t been spared. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction then you should know that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. Once that’s done, the next step is to find help to beat the addiction. Here’s where you decide which addiction treatment center to attend.

The decision to attend rehab should not be made lightly. You should take care to research all the options available before settling on the drug rehab center of your choice. Addiction treatment centers are each unique based on the type of treatment therapies they offer, the type of addictions they treat, and even the living environment they provide.

To recover from addiction and stay sober, you need to ensure that the rehab you choose meets your recovery needs and that it’s equipped to treat the kind of addiction you are struggling with.

When choosing an addiction treatment center, ask yourself the following:

What type of treatment options does the rehab offer?

Different rehab facilities specialize in treating specific addictions. They also have various treatment programs to address these addictions. Here at Evolve Indy, our Indiana drug rehab center offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and even family therapy programs. The treatment program you’ll be enrolled in depends on the severity of your addiction.

Do the treatment plans meet my specific needs?

When choosing an addiction treatment program, ensure that it will meet your recovery needs. Make sure you choose a treatment facility that offers individualized and customized treatment plans. Every person’s recovery journey is unique and what works for one individual might not be suitable for another.

Is the length of the treatment program effective for success?

A treatment program needs to last long enough for it to be successful. A short duration of the program could mean that you won’t develop the skills needed to live a sober life. Staying too long at the treatment center on the other hand could cripple your ability to live in the real world.

Are the programs offered based on scientific evidence?

The rising cases of addiction have given rise to all sorts of facilities claiming to be addiction treatment centers. Unfortunately, some of these facilities do not depend on scientific evidence to come up with their treatment programs. At Evolve Indy in Indiana, all our treatment programs are scientifically-proven and evidence-based.

How much does the treatment program cost?

The cost of treatment greatly influences which rehab treatment center you’ll attend. You may have found a treatment facility that suits your needs but if your insurance doesn’t cover the costs then you could be out of luck. Fortunately, you can raise the funds to cover treatment costs in other ways including drawing money from your savings or fundraising, among others.

Sometimes it can be hard to locate a rehab center that meets all your needs in your home state. Should this happen, don’t despair. You can simply choose to travel to Indiana from Connecticut for addiction treatment.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

If you’re a resident of Connecticut, traveling for addiction treatment offers plenty of benefits including:

Receiving quality treatment.

Traveling for rehab treatment allows you to receive quality and unique addiction treatment that may not be available in your hometown. Depending on where you go, some rehab facilities offer holistic treatment practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindful living which are beneficial in your treatment journey. These treatment options expose you to a new lifestyle that may help you stay sober.

Privacy and autonomy.

Addiction can cause shame and make you feel guilty. You may be embarrassed and worried about what your workmates and friends will think about you if they learn that you’re going to rehab. To avoid being judged, mocked, or treated differently, lots of people opt to travel for rehab instead of attending local treatment centers. Traveling to an out-of-town facility also helps if you wish to remain anonymous while undergoing rehab treatment.

Traveling makes it harder to leave treatment early.

When going through addiction treatment, it is common to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Attending therapy can uncover some uncomfortable truths and it can be hard to stick it out. Since rehab treatment is voluntary, the temptation to just give up and go back home can be overwhelming. If you go for rehab at a facility that’s close to home, it can be easy to just walk away. However, being far from home increases the likelihood of you sticking to the treatment program and improves your chances of recovery.

You’ll be separated from your previous toxic environment, stressors, and triggers.

It is hard to beat addiction when you’re still constantly exposed to the toxic environment that drove you to drink or use in the first place. These might be environmental stressors such as work or school, social situations, or relationship stress. Taking a break by traveling for treatment puts some distance between you and these triggers. This reduces the temptation to start taking drugs again and reduces the chances of relapse.

Traveling for treatment puts you in the mindset of taking a journey.

Additionally, traveling for rehab can jumpstart your recovery. Going to a new place reinforces the idea of turning a new page and making a fresh start free from alcohol or drugs. This can be a powerful motivator for your recovery journey and can help put things in perspective.

Take Action Today

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, the sooner you take action, the better it is. A life free from addiction is possible but only if you seek out treatment and commit to getting better. Here at Evolve Indy rehab center in Indiana, we are ready to walk with you every step of your recovery journey.

Call us today on our 24-hour hotline to ask questions and discuss any issues related to treatment and recovery as well as to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

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