About Evolve Indy

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Evolve Indy provides treatment to individuals struggling with addictions to a wide range of substances, from alcohol to various kinds of opioids and other drugs. Each client that comes through our door is different, and no single program will work equally well for each person. These differences are why we tailor our programs to your unique needs, taking an individualized approach that combines a variety of therapies to provide you with the best possible treatment. 

We have three main facilities:

  • Clinical campus
  • Men’s housing
  • Women’s housing

At our clinical campus, we provide inpatient programs and services, such as our partial hospitalization program. We also offer men’s and women’s housing for those enrolled in outpatient programs who would like to live in a supportive environment with other sober individuals. 

Our Addiction Treatment Programs for Colorado Residents

At Evolve Indy, we offer four main addiction treatment programs:

  1. Inpatient programs
  2. Partial hospitalization
  3. Intensive outpatient 
  4. Outpatient treatment

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is for those at the beginning of their treatment, who have recently undergone detox and may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Our goal is to provide maximum physical comfort so the client can begin to focus on recovery. 

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) continues to deliver care and recovery resources to clients living independently to ensure long-term success. From there, clients transition into outpatient addiction treatment. Here, they will have the opportunity to attend group therapy sessions as needed to supplement self-directed involvement in a 12-step fellowship to maintain sobriety.  

We also offer family therapy services to clients and their loved ones to help repair and build relationships among family members to ensure maximum support. 

Benefits of Indiana Treatment Center For Colorado Residents

As a resident of Colorado, Indiana may seem like a far way to travel for addiction treatment, especially if there are more local centers near you. Why should you consider Evolve Indy’s Indianapolis programs for your treatment and recovery? 

Stay focused on Addiction Treatment

While family support is important, attending treatment away from home can help you stay focused on your recovery. By separating yourself from your obligations – some of which may be at the root of your addiction – you will have the opportunity to place all of your attention on the mental work involved in achieving sobriety and independence. 

Your treatment will start with time-intensive individual and group therapy sessions. Once you’re ready to move into the outpatient program, you’ll have the tools and skills to cope with the demands of daily life without relapsing while continuing to receive ongoing support. 

Enjoy a change of scenery

Indianapolis is a vibrant city. Its many beautiful green spaces allow for ample opportunity to get out and exercise when it permits. With lots of hiking and biking trails, there’s always something new to discover. Indianapolis is also something of a foodie’s paradise. The city boasts artisanal coffee shops, ethnically diverse marketplaces, farm-to-table dining experiences, and inventive vegan and vegetarian restaurants. 

Though the beginning of your journey at Evolve Indy likely won’t allow for sightseeing, the opportunity to explore Indianapolis and the wider Indiana area is something to look forward to during your participation in the flexible outpatient program. 

Highly rated by previous clients

Our addiction treatment center has a 5-star rating from our previous clients. We have achieved this through our unparalleled commitment to providing top support throughout all stages of the recovery process. Using a combination of treatment methods, including traditional, contemporary, and holistic therapies, we provide the best treatment possible. 

With over 20 years of experience, we are proud to advertise that 100% of our clients have reported satisfaction with the treatment they received. With a track record like this, receiving treatment at Evolve Indy is worth traveling for.  

Experts in the field

Our team is composed of experienced therapists, mental health nurse practitioners, and case managers. The programs have been developed by individuals that have lived with addiction, undergone treatment programs, and are now living fully independent and sober lives. This firsthand experience has enabled us to develop programs that truly work. 

Flexible financial plans

To start your recovery journey, contact us by phone or by filling in the online form. We are proud to offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing the care you need. We are proud to work with many different insurance carriers, including United Healthcare, Aetna, Anthem, and Beacon, to limit out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. 

Contact us today to find a treatment and financial plan that is right for you and get started on your journey to recovery. 

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