If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the most important thing is to decide whether you’re ready to get help. This requires honesty and bravery. Once you’ve decided to get help, the next help is to where to get it. Some people prefer to be treated locally, while others prefer an out of state drug rehab. 

Staying local makes it easier to stay in touch with your support system. Your insurance may also prefer you to stay local, and you may have better access to outpatient support. There are good reasons to go out of state, too. 

When Is Out Of State Drug Rehab Better Than Local Rehab?

When To Seek Out Of State Drug Rehab Centers

The road to getting sober is a long one, and you will need to change your thinking. For some, embarking on a physical journey is a good way to symbolically prepare themselves for the mental journey and to make a clean break. 

Finding Your Best Match

Recovery doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. There are common strategies in different programs, but no two people are the same. Different facilities will have different approaches to treatment. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a facility. It’s important to choose a rehab center that fits your needs and that will work for you.  If the facility that fits you the best is in another state, don’t hesitate to make the journey. 


Unfortunately, society doesn’t always understand the complexities of addiction. If you want to keep your illness private in order to protect your job or your family, then going out of state might be the best choice. The time your spend in rehab is of course confidential, but if you stay local, you might encounter someone you know. 

Getting Some Distance

Lots of people find that certain places, people, and situations trigger their use of drugs and alcohol. Getting sober can require a change of environment. Putting some distance between you and the places where you used your substance of choice can help you to focus on your treatment. You could get help out of state and then return home better able to face your old temptations. You could leave rehab and start fresh in the same area, starting a new life. 

Eliminating An Easy Out

Overcoming addiction takes hard work. In rehab, you will have good days where you feel able to take on the world. There will also be hard days when you feel ready to give up trying. This is normal, but acting on the urge to give up can be damaging to your work. When you’re out of state, quitting your treatment is much harder. Arranging a ride, a plane ticket, or other travel arrangements can be much harder when you’re far from home. Going to rehab out of state can give your support system more time to help you get through your bad days and see the treatment through. 

When Is Out Of State Drug Rehab Better Than Local Rehab?

Addiction is a difficult foe and one that you’ll need help to overcome. It’s important that you get that help, no matter where you choose to receive it. If you’re ready to go to battle, we’re ready to help. Call us today for help getting on the path to sobriety.

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