Navigating addiction on its own is challenging enough, and so is navigating relationships. However, putting them together can be very overwhelming. Perhaps you and your significant other are both struggling with addiction. Maybe you or your partner are abusing drugs and alcohol, and it’s impacting the relationship. Whatever it looks like for you, navigating addiction and relationships simultaneously requires a great deal of effort and attention.

 At Evolve Indy, we know the devastating effect addiction can have on relationships. Addiction is a disease of isolation that puts a strain on every relationship in the addict’s life. However, we know how to help you and/or your loved one break free from drugs and alcohol. 

Are Addiction and Relationships Intertwined?

Examining the interplay between addiction and relationships is a bit like reviewing the chicken and the egg. Relationships with an addict or an alcoholic are often plagued by codependency. However, it’s hard to tell what came first – the addiction or the codependency. In the end, it may not matter what came first. What’s important is how to break free of the addiction and work on getting the relationship healthy. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with an individual who is active in their addiction.

No matter how positive their intentions are, addiction will often dictate their actions. Those actions will likely not support the relationship. Many addicts find themselves in codependent relationships because they were raised in unhealthy households plagued by codependency. While addiction doesn’t necessarily cause codependency and codependency doesn’t cause addiction, it is clear that addiction and relationships are often intertwined. 

How To Set Boundaries

Best Tips for Navigating Addiction and Relationships

At the end of the day, you are the one who can change the trajectory of your life and your family. Whether you grew up in a codependent family or not, you can learn how to set boundaries for the well-being of everyone in your family. Perhaps your significant other is struggling with addiction, and you have reached the end of your rope with their failed attempts at sobriety. Maybe you are trying to get sober and find that your partner is one of your most significant triggers for using drugs and alcohol. Whatever the case may be, the essential step is to identify where you can set some boundaries and start there. 

If your loved one’s addiction is placing an undue strain on the family, you may need to ask them to move out of the home if they are unwilling or unable to get sober. If you find that you cannot stay sober living with your partner, you may need to explore other options, such as a sober living facility. Sometimes you may set temporary boundaries until changes have been made. Other times, you may set limits that are long-lasting. You have to set boundaries that support your own mental health and that of the rest of the family. Addiction is a painful and selfish disease that requires you to be selfish in setting boundaries that protect those who love the addict. 

What To Do if You or Your Loved One Relapses

At Evolve Indy, we can support you and your loved ones as you navigate your relationships and addiction. We know the intricacies of being in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction, and we are here to help. Our compassionate and professional staff can help you determine the best course of action for you. We care about your success, and we understand how to help you find long-term sobriety. 

Our programs range from residential to outpatient and incorporate a multi-faceted therapeutic and holistic approach. We will partner with you to create an individualized treatment plan that blends traditional and holistic therapies to best support you and your recovery. Contact us today to see how we can best help you and your loved one in the journey to sobriety. 


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