Addiction is a heartbreaking disease that is misunderstood by many. The myths about drug addiction only add to the stigma and often stop addicts from getting the help that they so desperately need. Of all of the myths about addiction, the most damaging may be that addiction is a choice and a moral failing. Thankfully researchers and the medical community have realized the error of this thinking. But, sadly, some still cling to this outdated view and fail to see addiction as a disease. At Evolve Indy, we understand the tragedy of addiction better than most. We know that addiction is a disease and we are here to help you break free from its grip. 

What Are Common Myths About Drug Addiction?

There are many myths about drug addiction. One of the most troubling is that addiction is a voluntary behavior and a character flaw. While it is true that the decision to use drugs the first time is voluntary, many of the decisions that follow are based on the individual’s response to using drugs. Whether someone experiments with drugs socially or turns to them as a way to self-medicate mental health issues, the resulting addiction was never what was envisioned with that first use. No one wakes up and wants to be a drug addict. 

Many of the other myths about drug addiction surround treatment. Some believe that the addict must want treatment for it to work and this is not always true. Many addicts find their way to treatment by way of the court system. While not all will succeed, many will once they find themselves in treatment. 

Others believe that treatment should be done in a “one size fits all” approach and that it shouldn’t require follow-up. When we treat any disease, we know that we have to look at the individual’s health, history, and circumstances. Addiction is no different. Treatment will vary based on the substances used, the length of use, your overall health, and many more considerations. Treatment is ongoing, just as with other diseases. 

The Truth Regarding Myths About Drug Addiction

Why Is There a Stigma Surrounding Drug Addiction?

The stigma surrounding drug addiction persists due to a lack of education and limited discussion. For so long, addiction was viewed as a moral failing or character flaw. Research has proven that addiction is a disease rooted in biological, social, and psychological factors. However, stereotypes and misinformation persist. Sadly, misinformation continues to exist within the medical community and affects how addicts are treated by healthcare providers. While many healthcare systems are working diligently to educate their staff, it will take time for the message to reach everyone. While education will help, so too will increased communication around addiction. In recent years, more people have shed the anonymity required by some peer support groups and have begun to be more open about their struggles with addiction and lives in recovery. As more people openly dispute the myths about drug addiction, the stigma will be reduced.

How to Get Help With a Drug Addiction Today

At Evolve Indy, we can support you and your loved ones as you navigate addiction. We know the truth about addiction, and we are here to help. Our compassionate and professional staff can help you determine the best course of action for you. We care about your success, and we understand how to help you find long-term sobriety. 

Our programs range from partial hospitalization to outpatient and incorporate a multi-faceted therapeutic and holistic approach. We will partner with you to create an individualized treatment plan that blends traditional and holistic therapies to best support you and your recovery. Contact us today to see how we can best help you and your loved one in the journey to sobriety. 


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