South Bend is a city with its share of the drug abuse epidemic, as 59 recorded deaths were linked to the abuse of drugs such as fentanyl, oxycodone, and heroin. What’s more, the number of drug overdose cases increased during the COVID-19 period due to the lockdown. Although drug and alcohol abuse cases seem to be on the rise, there is a silver lining, as treatment centers have been put in place to help salvage the epidemic. Various rehabilitation programs and therapy sessions will go a long way in reducing the substance abuse problem in South Bend. 

Evolve Indy: Addiction Treatment Center for South Bend Residents

Evolve Indy is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and provides an array of rehab programs that effectively tackle alcohol and drug abuse. Also, we go by our mission; to assist everyone with any form of addiction, irrespective of their condition. We also pride ourselves on dealing with our clients as individuals; we tailor our services to suit their preferred tastes and comfort. Besides, we go beyond treating addictions on surface value; we address the root cause to give our clients a holistic and lasting treatment

Our rehabilitation programs

At Evolve Indy Drug Rehab Facility, we offer our clients a partial hospitalization program (PHP), Intensive outpatient program, outpatient program, and family therapy options. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our partial hospitalization program aims at creating a comfortable and organized environment for clients who have gone through residential or detoxification programs. It also focuses on helping them come to terms with their addictions’ physical, mental, and emotional effects in a comfortable manner. Besides, it assists them in dealing with post-acute withdrawal syndrome without fear of relapse. In this program, clients go for individual and group therapy sessions, where they get to understand their addiction and maintain a sober life. 

With the partial hospitalization program, clients are not required to stay overnight, like in the inpatient program. However, it is more demanding, as they can have an average of five visits weekly and sessions that last for four to eight hours daily. However, this program is also suitable for people who require detox services. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program helps our clients recover after going through the partial hospitalization program; it is also suitable for people who need support as they embark on their journey to an addiction-free lifestyle. In this program, clients learn to sustain their mental health and attain continuous soberness long after rehabilitation. 

The IOP is recommended for patients with a reliable support system at home, mild addictions, and minimal mental health issues. It also offers therapy sessions where clients learn how to attend social functions without indulging in alcohol or drugs. They also learn to improve their communication and recovery maintenance skills. 

Outpatient Program (OP)

Our outpatient program is our final phase in rehab and is necessary for our clients’ long-term soberness. It offers them the opportunity to get back to their daily lives while continuing with their treatment and is also suitable for people with mild addiction problems. It is an excellent option for clients who cannot sign up for our inpatient program due to work, family engagement, and other reasons. With this program, clients can enjoy the inpatient program’s full benefits and be part of our aftercare program. What’s more, they have the opportunity to practice all they have learned from their sessions in real-life settings. 

Benefits of Evolve Indy treatment center to South Bend Residents

Although there are many rehabilitation centers in South Bend, Evolve Indy stands out from them, and for good reasons too! Here are some reasons why you should patronize us.

We have caring and experienced staff

Treating addiction goes beyond addressing its symptoms; it needs to be dealt with from the roots to ensure that clients don’t relapse. Our workers at Evolve Indy are aware of the devastating effects of addiction on people’s lives and are well-trained to assist our clients on their path to rehabilitation. Besides, they are dedicated to their jobs and tailor their services to suit our clients’ individual needs. 

We possess state-of-the-art treatment facilities

A change of environment helps greatly in addiction treatment and recovery, which is why we have built our facilities to ensure that our clients feel at home. We have housing options such as the clinical campus, men’s housing, and women’s housing, and clients have the opportunity to choose a facility they want to stay in. 

We offer aftercare programs

We do not leave out clients hanging, even after they have completed their treatment. We provide aftercare programs to monitor our clients’ progress while giving them tips on maintaining the sober life they have worked hard for. 

Should you be in South Bend and need to address your addiction, we are here to serve you. Kindly visit our website or call us. 

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