No one wants to believe that someone they love is addicted to drugs. You wouldn’t wish drug addiction on your worst enemy, never mind your best friend, child, or significant other. But with nearly ten percent of the United States population facing some type of substance use disorder, addiction may be closer to you than you think. Still, even if you suspect that your loved one is using drugs, you may be wondering how to tell if someone is a cocaine addict. The answer is to become a detective and start collecting data. It will do you little to no good to make accusations that are completely unfounded or based entirely on emotion. While you know your loved one better than anyone else, you want to remain factual. At Evolve Indy, we know the signs of cocaine addiction, and we can help you educate yourself. We also know how to treat it, and we can help your loved one break free from addiction.  

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that has a fascinating history filled with a bit of folklore. Speak to any of the Greatest Generations, and they will likely tell you stories of cocaine being an ingredient in Coca-Cola. While it’s hard to believe those stories, cocaine was part of an early formula of Coca-Cola and was also used to block pain during surgical procedures. 

Today, we understand the addictive nature of cocaine. In the present day, cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug which means a physician can only administer it in particular circumstances because it is very addictive. Cocaine is typically a white powder, and many who use it will snort it. It is hard to know the potency or strength of cocaine because it is often cut with other substances such as baking powder, cornstarch, or other drugs. Cocaine can also be smoked or injected after it is processed with other substances. For example, cocaine can be mixed with ammonia or baking soda and then heated to produce crack, then smoked. Smoking and injecting crack produce quicker, more intense highs. 

How To Tell if Someone Is a Cocaine Addict

You may be able to tell if someone is a cocaine addict by looking for the physical signs of regular use. Those who snort cocaine will often have a runny nose, nose bleeds, or other cold-like symptoms, while those who smoke it will cough or seem to have a respiratory infection. Finally, those who inject it will have marks from injecting the drug and may even have sores from repeatedly injecting in the same spots. 

How To Tell if Someone Is a Cocaine Addict

Cocaine is a stimulant that speeds up the whole body. The way it is ingested determines how quickly the effects are felt. The individual will have a higher body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate within a short time. They may appear to be excited because they are talking or moving faster. Most who are using cocaine regularly will not eat or sleep much. But how do you tell if someone is a cocaine addict or simply used one time? Those who use cocaine regularly will often experience psychological symptoms such as paranoia, increased anger, rage, and even psychosis. You may also witness a cycle of binging and purging with the individual being up for days and then sleeping for days. This binge and purge cycle often occurs because of the intense cravings produced by cocaine use 

How to Get Someone Help With a Cocaine Addiction

At Evolve Indy, we can support you and your loved ones as they get help with their cocaine addiction. We know how hard it is to love someone who is struggling with addiction. We are here to help them break free and to help you care for yourself as well. 

Our compassionate and professional staff can help you determine the best course of action for you and your loved one. We care about their success, and we understand how to help them find long-term sobriety. Our programs range from partial hospitalization to outpatient and incorporate a multi-faceted therapeutic and holistic approach. We will partner with your loved one to create an individualized treatment plan that blends traditional and holistic therapies to best support your loved one and their recovery. Contact us today to see how we can best help you and your loved one in the journey to sobriety. 


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