You’ve decided to go to rehab. Congratulations. This is a huge step towards recovering and living an addiction-free life. The next step is deciding on the rehab facility you want to attend. After doing your research, you’ve found a couple of rehabs that meet your needs but you can’t decide which one to go with. 

Factors To Evaluate A Rehab Facility:

  1. Are they licensed and accredited?

Drug addiction treatment has grown over the years and while this is a good thing, not all rehabs are above board. To ensure that you receive the best care, make sure you attend a licensed rehab. Having a license from the state health department and being accredited tells you that the facility has met certain standards and adheres to certain safety and treatment guidelines.

  1. What type of treatment programs do they offer?

Different rehabs offer different treatment programs for various addictions. A good rehab should offer different programs along the spectrum of care to meet your recovery needs. This ranges from residential treatment, then step down to a partial hospitalization program, then intensive outpatient, and finally to an outpatient program and an aftercare program. These programs should be tailored to your individual needs.

  1. Are these programs science and evidence-based?

While the type of programs offered at the facility are important, they should also be based on scientific evidence. At Evolve Indy, we offer addiction treatment programs that are proven to work through thorough research and evidence. We value our clients and only offer programs with a high recovery and success rate to give you the best chance of rebuilding your life.

  1. What type of amenities and accommodation facilities do they have?

You should also check the amenities offered at the rehab facility to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable stay there. While some facilities offer the bare minimum, others like Evolve Indy go out of their way to provide a calm, serene environment for clients to recover. Common amenities offered at reputable rehabs include a gym, recreational area, lounge area, and spa facilities. They also offer nutritious, balanced meals to aid your recovery.

  1. How much does treatment cost at the rehab?

Another key thing that differentiates one rehab from another is the cost of treatment at the facility. Ensure that the rehab you wish to attend has a suitable program within your budget, accepts your insurance provider, or has a payment plan that suits your financial situation.

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