When it comes to addiction treatment programs, the most common ones to cross people’s minds include residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or outpatient treatment. However, for many years adventure therapy for addiction recovery has been used to help people conquer their addictions and turn their lives around.

How does an Adventure Therapy Program Work?

Simply put, adventure programs involve taking those in recovery outdoors to enjoy the multiple benefits that nature offers. At Evolve Indy, our adventure program is geared towards men and we organize a variety of outdoor adventure activities to go along with their regular treatment program. The type of activities we undertake as part of the program vary and include ATV riding, hiking, and camping, among others.

We combine these outdoor adventures with traditional therapy and counseling to help our clients overcome harmful habits and rid themselves of harmful behaviors. We use the environment to encourage clients to explore nature, embrace new experiences, learn how to solve problems, and bond with each other.

After each adventure, we meet as a group for a debriefing session where we process what went on during the day. During these group settings, our therapists guide clients in internalizing their experiences and relating them to their therapeutic goals. Once the specific activity and group sessions are over, we head back to the Evolve Indy rehab center in Indiana.

Benefits of Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

How To Use Adventure Therapy For Addiction Recovery

To understand how an adventure program can help men recover from addiction, you have to first understand the addiction process. Most of the men in the program started out taking drugs or alcohol recreationally. Some often got high to celebrate after a hard week of work. It was considered the usual way to blow off steam and relax. But eventually, what started as a means of recreation took over their lives and they found that they couldn’t do without drugs or alcohol. They were addicted.

When such men come to Evolve Indy for treatment, we want to show them that life can still be fun and enjoyable without alcohol or drugs. That’s where our adventure program comes in. The main aim is to help these men learn how to live healthy lives and have positive experiences free from addictive substances. We help them realize that recovery doesn’t have to be dull and involve constant therapy all the time. They can still have fun as they recover.

The beauty of the adventure program is that it can be adapted for family therapy, intensive outpatient therapy, and other types of treatment programs. Clients enrolled in this program learn to:

  • Be more confident, resilient, and self-aware.
  • Connect and bond with others while improving their team-building skills.
  • Become physically active while bonding with nature.
  • Improve their mental health and general outlook on life.

If you need help to overcome an addiction but are hesitant to get treatment because you think it’s boring, come talk to us. The adventure program at Evolve Indy will help you achieve your treatment goals while having fun outdoors.

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