Addiction is something you should respect. Sadly, too many people who experience substance abuse don’t spot the signs until it’s too late. Some even think they are functional, and happily carry on with their routine even though it’s harmful and counterproductive.

When you spot the signs, you should act straight away to increase your chances of recovery. Of course, this means that you must understand the warning signals. Otherwise, you’ll never put two and two together.

In this article, we’ll outline the biggest indicators that highlight you need assistance. Here are four signals you might want to seek drug and alcohol counseling.

4 Signs You May Need To Seek Drug & Alcohol Counseling

You Have Health Problems Because of Drug Use

Yes, it’s possible your health issues and substance use are not related. However, it’s incredibly unlikely. Substances such as drugs and alcohol are very powerful, and they have an adverse effect on your brain and vital organs. Therefore, your bodily functions might not be as efficient, leading to side effects such as headaches, migraines, colds, flu, and feeling run down.

Also, a yellow tinge to your skin shows that your substance use is poisoning your liver and kidneys. They can’t remove the toxins fast enough, which is why you have jaundice.

You Have Been Arrested For Drug & Alcohol

Again, not all arrests will be down to substance use. Still, drugs and alcohol intoxicate the brain, making it harder to make informed decisions. A bar fight is a prime example as emotions run high when you can’t put comments and actions into context. Unfortunately, DUIs occur as a result of going overboard with substances since they impair your thinking. So, if you’ve ever been in a car and haven’t been stone-cold sober, you need to consider your actions.

If you’re facing legal charges and still can’t stop, you definitely have a problem and should consider an outpatient program.

You Get Fired Or Excluded from School

4 Signs You May Need To Seek Drug & Alcohol Counseling

An arrest isn’t the only major incident that happens as a result of indulging with drugs and alcohol. You don’t add any value to society when you can’t function properly, and some people won’t wait around for you to get your head straight. An employer will be the first person to notice your erratic behavior. And, they’ll fire you very quickly if you can’t function in the office or a professional capacity. Fireable offenses include being intoxicated or smelling like alcohol. The same applies to schools as lots of kids are introduced to substances and get into bad habits at an early age.

Your Loved Ones Ask You to Stop

This is the biggest warning sign. Your loved ones not only want the best for you, but they know you better than anyone else in the world. Therefore, they can see when substance abuse is modifying your personality. Yes, parents and significant others are worriers, yet this doesn’t mean they are wrong.

If they are concerned enough to express their thoughts, they believe action is necessary.

Get Drug & Alcohol Counseling While You Can

Do these signs sound familiar? If they do, you shouldn’t procrastinate. Hesitation will only make the situation worse. Thankfully, you can rely on Evolve Indy to be patient and discreet as we have decades of experience in the industry.

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