Alcohol is one of the most widely used and abused drugs in the world. If you have a problem with alcohol, therefore, you can be sure that you are not alone. 

This is helpful to know for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that it means you are able to follow in the footsteps of people who have gone before you, and who have managed to overcome their addiction to alcohol with the right kind of treatment. If you are wondering what the figures are like for success in overcoming alcohol addiction, read on to find out more.

Rehab Is Your Best Option

Of course, the first thing to be aware of is that there are many different methods for trying to overcome alcohol addiction. However, the very best one in terms of success rates has to be rehab. 

As long as you are in rehab, you are much more likely to successfully recover from your alcohol addiction when compared to going it alone, and you will therefore want to consider that as your very best option if you are keen on trying to get through your addiction as soon and as effectively as possible.

How Many People Are Addicted To Alcohol?

The rates for success are interesting when compared to the rates for how many people are actually addicted to alcohol. In fact, alcohol addiction accounts for around 95,000 deaths a year in the United States. That’s 261 deaths every single day. 

Extrapolating from this data, we can see that alcohol addiction accounts for 12.8 deaths per 100,000 people in the US. At the same time, 358,000 admissions to hospitals were down to alcohol use in 2019, a 6% rise from the previous year. Clearly, alcohol addiction is a widespread problem.

Alcohol Rehab Addiction Treatment Success Rates

So what are the actual rates for success when it comes to getting treatment for your alcohol addiction in a rehab setting? Well, it depends on when you check up on the individual after they have left rehab. 

However, it does seem to be very effective in general across the board. After one month, about 89% of people will still be sober after leaving rehab. 76% will still be sober after three months, provided they completed the rehab course in full. More than 70% are still sober after nine months.

Similarly, around 80% of people report significantly improved quality of life after completing rehab for their alcohol addiction. And people will generally abstain from alcohol around 92% of the time after rehab, up to a year later.
So as you can see, the rates for success in rehab are pretty good. If you are worried about your alcohol addiction, and you want some help, then it could be that rehab is the way to go. That is something that you should consider, and if you are wondering about it, then don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more. It could be the best thing you ever do.


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