IOPs, or intensive outpatient programs, are part of the continuum of care in the addiction treatment process. Those taking part in IOPs are required to attend rehab for a few hours, several days a week. This is a more intensive program compared to standard outpatient programs and IOP is often the next step once an individual completes a partial hospitalization program.

You are eligible for an IOP program if you have a mild addiction, have no co-occurring mental health concerns, and have a safe, stable, and supportive home environment.

Taking part in an IOP program has many benefits for those struggling with addiction. You can expect the following from this recovery program:

  • Freedom and flexibility. Participants attend sessions and then return home once they are done. This allows them the freedom and flexibility to carry on with their daily lives and responsibilities. However, this only works well if you have a safe environment back home, otherwise, exposure to triggers can lead to relapse.
  • Group therapy. This is an integral part of IOP programs. The main benefits you can draw from group therapy include learning to have healthy interactions with your peers without alcohol or drugs, improving your communication skills, as well as giving and receiving much-needed support from your peers.
  •  Individual therapy. During individual therapy, you have one-on-one sessions with your therapist. This is important to help you get an in-depth understanding of how your addiction affected you and work towards unearthing the root cause. These sessions are also ideal to bring up and address any issues you may be uncomfortable bringing up during the group sessions. 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy. Another key component of IOP is helping participants identify the negative thought patterns and behaviors that may have contributed to their addiction. This way, you gain self-awareness and are gradually able to replace these negative thoughts and behaviors with more positive ones.
  • Learning coping skills. You’ll learn certain coping skills in an IOP program that will help you maintain your sobriety. These include anger and stress management, life skills, and others.
  • Family therapy. IOP programs also incorporate family therapy sessions to assist the entire family that has been affected by addiction. These sessions focus on helping the family members understand addiction how it affects family relationships and how they can support their loved ones.
  • Relapse prevention. In an IOP program, you’ll also be equipped with relapse-prevention skills to help you identify and manage your triggers.

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