Not everyone who attends rehab does so voluntarily. Some attend drug abuse treatment programs after being ordered by a court to do so, especially after being charged with a DUI.

Court-ordered rehab is usually handed out by a judge as alternative sentencing to incarceration. It can also be a condition of parole or probation. The aim of sentencing individuals to drug rehab instead of jail time is rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Those eligible for court-ordered rehab include non-violent first-time DUI offenders or those who haven’t previously undergone substance abuse treatment.

Once sentenced to drug rehab, you are required to enroll in the type of program specified by the court. The most common addiction treatment programs for this include individual or group therapy, residential treatment, intensive outpatient or outpatient programs, or drug education and counseling programs.

What If You Fail To Complete The Program?

The best outcomes in alcohol or drug addiction treatment occur when an individual voluntarily checks themselves into rehab. However, even court-ordered rehab can have positive outcomes with the legal pressure acting as motivation to attend and complete treatment. Besides, attending drug rehab is a preferable alternative to spending time in jail.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way, and violations of the court order can occur. An individual may decide not to complete their rehab program. This can happen through skipping some portions of the treatment, such as individual therapy or complete non-attendance of the program. Alternatively, the person may attend the treatment sessions but show a lack of involvement in the program or fail to participate.

What happens then?

Well, failing to complete a drug rehab program after a DUI comes with serious consequences. These depend on:

  • The offender’s criminal history
  • The type of violation that was incurred
  • The time they spent in treatment
  • The person’s behavior in the rehab program
  • The individual’s criminal history

The consequences faced depend entirely on a judge’s discretion. The penalties may include increased sentencing to a treatment program, a direct and hefty fine for the DUI offense, or even immediate incarceration at a local jail or state prison.

Drug Rehab Treatment at Evolve Indy

A DUI is a serious criminal offense but it doesn’t always indicate that the offender is a drug or alcohol addict. Attending alcohol or drug rehab treatment at a facility such as Evolve Indy in Indiana gives them the chance to deal with the underlying cause of substance use.

At Evolve Indy, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs designed to fit around an individual’s lifestyle including a partial hospitalization program, and inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. We also offer family therapy programs to assist families that have had their loved ones face a DUI charge to understand the root causes and how they can help them get better.

If you, or a loved one, has been sentenced to drug rehab after a DUI, contact Evolve Indy to learn more about how our treatment programs can be beneficial to you.


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