Alcoholism affects millions of people across the US, and it can often go unnoticed. Although it is possible to drink in moderation, many people cross the line into heavy drinking without realizing they have an addiction until it is too late. The consequences of sustained alcoholism can be disastrous, but recovery is possible. The first step towards successful addiction recovery is acknowledging you have a problem with alcohol. In this article, we will explore the relationship between alcohol and mental health rehab.

Alcoholism is inextricably entwined with mental health. Addiction is, by definition, a mental health disorder, characterized by continued use despite harmful consequences. But it can also augment and create further mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

If you are attempting to break the addiction cycle and recover from alcoholism, mental health should be a top priority. An alcoholism recovery will enable you to undergo the necessary detoxification and rehabilitation, but your mental health should be looked after throughout. 

When deciding on a treatment program, it’s essential you choose one that will help you stay on top of your mental health. Withdrawal from alcohol can result in both physical and psychological symptoms, and a program that prioritizes mental health will better equip you to deal with these symptoms. Staying mentally healthy will also make you more likely to succeed in long-term recovery, as mental health issues are often a major trigger for relapse.

For less severe cases, you could opt for an outpatient program which will allow you to recover while still living at home. It will give you more flexibility to carry on as usual with your life and work. For more advanced alcohol addiction, an inpatient recovery program is a better option.

Inpatient treatment centers are well-equipped to help patients struggling with their mental health, and many offer a variety of mental health services, including:

Alcohol And Mental Health Rehab Centers

Alcoholism Case Management

You will receive dedicated support throughout your recovery with the help of a case manager. Your case manager will be assigned to you at the start of your recovery program. They will work with you to discuss your specific needs and help you find solutions for any mental health issues you are experiencing.

Dual Diagnosis of Alcoholism

Dual diagnosis refers to a patient who is suffering from both alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously. Inpatient alcohol treatment centers offer dual diagnosis services as an option for all patients. Mental health support is crucial, and a doctor will be on hand to determine what kind of treatment will be right for you. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and any other mental health issues, dual diagnosis is an essential service.

Monitored Detox Programs

Alcoholism can have disastrous health consequences and in many cases, can be life-threatening. If your dependency puts you at serious risk, you should undergo a monitored detox program. This will ensure the physical health and well-being of your body as you work through the detoxification and recovery process. Being in the best physical condition possible will allow you to focus on improving your mental health throughout your program.

Alcohol And Mental Health Rehab Centers

Alcohol And Mental Health Rehab

If you are struggling with alcoholism and need help making a full recovery, we can help you begin your journey. Evolve Indy is a drug rehabilitation and recovery center providing addiction treatment in Indiana. Get in touch now to find out how we can help you.

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