At Evolve Indy, we see it as our purpose to not only treat drug addiction in those experiencing it but, to understand their situation as best as possible. With better understanding comes better outcomes. To that end, you might want to know what drug addiction feels like or represents to an addict in recovery or to understand why they are often treated as “less than” other people. Here, we will try to answer those questions.

What Is Drug Addiction To An Addict

Drug addiction is often framed incorrectly, and treated as a personal choice, rather than a chronic disease. It is true that the decision to abuse drugs often lies on the shoulders of the individual who uses them, and that responsibility for one’s recovery, whether through hospitalization, outpatient treatment, or otherwise, depends on them. However, there are various different circumstances that lead people to drug abuse, and addiction is much more likely in some individuals as a result of their biology, their environment, and their development.

Drug addiction is an entirely different matter entirely. Though there are behavioral elements that are treated through our outpatient program, there is a chemical dependency element. This doesn’t discriminate between addicts. It’s more than just a craving, it’s a feeling that the body cannot function without the substance, and without help, withdrawing from that substance can be unimaginably painful, both physically and mentally. As such, it can feel like the drug is something that becomes vital for life. 

Addicts do not abuse drugs because they enjoy them, regardless of the effects of the drug. They use them because they feel that they have to and they cannot function without them.

Why Are Drug Addicts Seen As Less Than?

What Is Drug Addiction To An Addict

The question as to why drug addicts are treated as “less than” is a complex one, that takes into account how police and health care services have been trained to treat addicts. The decision to treat drug addiction as a moral failing came hand-in-hand with the “War on Drugs.” Drug addicts were seen and depicted largely as immoral, irresponsible, and at fault for addiction. In reality, a lot of people turn to drugs for reasons removed from recreational use and, even then, addiction is far from a personal choice.

This can greatly hurt the people who need help, as stigma often makes people avoid the topic altogether. It affects their self-esteem, leading to worse mental health outcomes, as well as worse treatment from people around us, and can prevent us from seeking the help that we need.

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