Did you know there are almost 20 million people in the United States battling drug addiction on a yearly basis? This is a startling figure, to say the least. Plus, it is increasing all of the time. One of the most difficult things to do in this position is to find help and take the steps that are required to get your life back. However, there are different options available to you, and being aware of these can change your life for the better. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at what addiction treatments are available through labor unions below so you can get a better understanding. 

Drug Use In The Workplace

There is no denying that workplaces are cracking down on the use of drugs. There are a lot of different drug testing tools and facilities that are available to companies today. Moreover, with contracts often stipulating that you cannot refuse a random test, it can be very challenging to keep your struggles a secret. However, if you are a member of a labor union, this can be an option for you when it comes to seeking help.

A lot of people do not realize that labor unions support drug and alcohol treatments. People feel they will be shunned or that the consequences are not worth opening up for. However, this is not the case. Labor unions are there to support you and help you in any manner possible. 

Many individuals who are battling addiction tend to turn up to work intoxicated. At the very least, they are impaired because of the habits they have formed. This means that these people end up being a hazard in the workplace. The labor union has the job of making sure the workplace is a safe and healthy one, and that is why they are there to support you if you open up and decide you need help.

Connect With Your Union Member Representative For Support

Addiction Treatments Available Through the Labor Unions

Therefore, we would highly recommend that you speak to a member of the labor union before it is too late. It is certainly much better to be open and upfront about the troubles you are experiencing, rather than waiting until you have had a positive drug test to fess up to what you have been going through. Your labor union will be there to help you through the process so that you can get clean.

You may be wondering what sort of treatments you can get at your labor union. The truth is that it all depends on the labor union in question, as they are all different. This is why we recommend that you get in touch with your union rep so that you can benefit from the most up-to-date and latest advice. As a rule, unions much prefer for addiction issues to be brought up at the earliest possible point, as this can help them to lower the risks and aid your recovery. After all, the chances of you making a successful recovery are a lot higher. Either way, though, no matter how long you have been battling these issues it is better to come clean as soon as possible.

If you enter a rehab program that is union-certified, you can expect to receive a number of different things from the course. This includes you being assessed and then a bespoke treatment plan being provided. You will also get inpatient rehab and detox services, as well as a plan that is designed to help you stay sober in both the short term and the long term. Furthermore, you can expect aftercare services and a return-to-work certificate once you are ready.

Find The Best Treatment Program For Your Needs

As mentioned, the specifics of each program will differ depending on the labor union, but this should give you a good understanding of what to expect if you enter one of these programs. There are some cases whereby the cost of treatment may be covered by the union as well, as they may decide to use their insurance plan to do so. Even if they only cover a small part of the expense, it is going to lower the overall cost for you.

We hope that this has helped you get a better understanding of the different treatment options that are available to you when it comes to battling addiction with the help of a trade union. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, getting help can be the most difficult part. However, making that decision to do something about your addiction is one of the bravest and most important decisions you’ll ever make.

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