MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly, is a commonly used recreational drug. But it’s also a drug that can have a significant negative impact on your health if you’re not careful. These negative side effects will impact your body in many ways, and each of them shows why MDMA is best avoided. Today we’re going to answer the question what are the effects of MDMA on the body? We will also explain why you’ll want to avoid ever experiencing them. So you can read on now and find out more about these issues now.

The Immediate Side Effects

The first thing to discuss is the way MDMA impacts the body immediately after taking it. Some of these effects, they’re desirable and part of the reason why people take the drug. But others are not so desirable and can be dangerous in some instances.

People will often feel like they have more energy immediately after taking MDMA, and they might also feel happier and more positive. Some of the more negative ways in which it can impact the body, however, include sweating, a feeling of nausea, teeth clenching, loss of appetite, cramping in the muscles, and dehydration. Dehydration can obviously be very dangerous when people are moving around a lot and not rehydrating via drinking water.

Cardiovascular Effects

One of the most damaging and dangerous long-term side effects generally associated with taking too much MDMA is cardiovascular disease. People who take the drug repeatedly and over a prolonged period of time might start to experience heart issues, and these occur because MDMA is a drug that effectively makes your heart work less efficiently over time.

Of course, that’s not what you want for your heart. Ideally, you want it to perform as efficiently as possible. An inefficient heart is even more risky and problematic when it’s under strain, such as when you’re physically active. Many people who are taking MDMA, are also dancing and partying and feel energized, which makes for a dangerous combination.


Another way in which MDMA affects the body relates to its temperature regulation. In a normal healthy person, the body is able to regulate its temperature in order to avoid both hyperthermia and hypothermia, as these are dangerous and can cause death in some extreme cases.

However, MDMA stops the body from doing its job with regard to temperature regulation. This is dangerous when you get hot because when you’ve taken MDMA, your body won’t act to cool itself down the way it should and the way in which it normally would. Again, this can impact people who are partying, dancing, and getting hot. And it can lead to hyperthermia.

Organ Damage

When your body stops performing the way it should, such as in the ways we’ve already discussed above, it will eventually take its toll on a person’s vital organs. Especially if the use of MDMA is something that’s happening quite a lot. That’s why it’s not such a good idea to make MDMA usage a regular habit of yours. All of your organs can be impacted in one way or another.

Being too hot, unable to cool down, and dehydrated can be particularly impactful on the kidneys, as well as the liver. We’ve already talked about the impact it has on your heart. It’s also the case that there’s a big mental and psychological impact that comes with using MDMA, so the brain can be negatively impacted too.

Risk of Injury Originating from Risky Behavior

An indirect side effect that comes with using MDMA is indulging in behavior that you would usually classify as unnecessarily risky. When you’re living through the high rush that comes with using MDMA, you feel indestructible and invincible, but that certainly doesn’t mean you are.

Lots of people do stupid things when they’re using MDMA, and in some instances, those overzealous actions can lead to injury and worse in some cases. That loss of control is not a nice feeling when you come down off that high and realize just how dangerous and stupidly you had been acting. So get help if you notice this as a pattern that’s developing.
As you can see, there are lots of ways in which your body can be negatively impacted by taking MDMA. So be sure to tackle any problematic usage issues or addiction problems that might be developing. There’s plenty of professional help and support out there that’ll help you to get those kinds of issues under control again.


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