In recent years much of the attention on the crisis of opioid addiction has centered on Fentanyl, the problem of addiction to Oxycodone has not disappeared. Indeed, for those who seek the highs of opioid use but do not wish to deal with the extremes related to Fentanyl, “Oxy” is a persuasive option that has lured many into its web. For the avoidance of all doubt, Oxycodone (or Oxycontin as it may be labeled) is not a safe option. It is a powerful opiate-based drug with a death toll that outstripped heroin in many US States in 2018.

Where Did It Come From?

Oxycodone is usually prescribed as a painkiller used for moderate to severe pain. It may be offered as pain relief for people dealing with cancer, arthritis, or a past injury or surgery. Its use was first approved by the FDA just over 25 years ago, but its abuse has become widespread in a way that few would have expected; in many cases, long after the source of pain has gone away, prescription users may find themselves unable to “come off” the medication either from fear of the uncomfortable withdrawal or because they are addicted to the opiate-related buzz of the medication.

Other people become addicted to the point of needing rehab for Oxycodone addiction in Indiana when they find a family member’s pills; those who use the medication for non-therapeutic reasons may find that the high is more pronounced and is something they want to repeat. For this reason, anyone who has overcome pain issues should take care to return any remaining pills to the pharmacy that dispensed them. If they are not in the house, they cannot present a temptation.

Nonetheless, people can and do become hooked on Oxycodone, and this brings with it dangerous side effects that can include paranoia and delusions, along with physical effects such as headaches, hypotension, and respiratory depression. Some of the latter can be fatal. Longer-term use can increase the risk of cardiac arrest and liver damage, while the greater use that is necessary to return to the old high brings with it an increased risk of overdose.

How Is Oxycodone Abused By Addicts

Because Oxycodone is dispensed with an inbuilt timed-release mechanism, some addicts will also crush and snort it, or inject the resultant powder. This increases the risk of overdose, with potential results such as seizures and even coma. 

Getting Oxycodone Addiction Addressed

There are as many different Oxycodone addiction stories, with their own reasons for why the drug presented such a persuasive pull, as there are people seeking rehab for Oxycodone addiction. In Indiana, there are clinics that can help address not only the physical addiction to this powerful opioid but, also the underlying reasons why the individual became addicted in the first place. With timely intervention, the chances to get clean and stay that way are encouraging.

If you, or anyone close to you, are struggling with an Oxycodone addiction, know that there are options that can help you beat the dependency. Don’t hesitate to call Evolve Indy and begin an affordable drug rehab program that can have beneficial and lasting impacts.

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