If you, or someone close to you, are struggling with alcohol addiction, you might need a treatment program that doesn’t disrupt your daily life. This is where the benefits of outpatient alcohol treatment come into play. But what is it, and how does it work?

What is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient alcohol rehab is an addiction treatment program. Most people turn to outpatient treatment after undergoing alcohol detox programs or inpatient Residential Treatment programs. Outpatient treatment helps you transition back into your regular life while giving you long-term skills to avoid relapses.

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

There are many benefits of outpatient alcohol treatment:

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment
  1. One of the biggest benefits of outpatient alcohol treatment is that it works with your schedule. Outpatient rehab is designed to give you control over what therapies you use, where you go for your therapy, when, and with whom you work. This can be particularly important for people who do not have the luxury of being able to leave their job or their home for months at a time but still want the initial detox and subsequent alcohol addiction treatment.
  2. Another benefit is the privacy you get. Outpatient programs often occur in one-on-one settings so that you can work with experienced therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors. Unless you choose to share that you are in treatment with someone else, it is unlikely they will know. It is easier for people to find out that you’ve entered a substance abuse program if you move away for three months at a time in an inpatient program.
  3. Outpatient rehab helps you expound upon any skills you may have cultivated with inpatient therapy. There are plenty of people who undergo inpatient detox and therapy programs, after which they transition into outpatient alcohol treatment. During these transitions, you can build upon the skills you have already learned and help cultivate the skills that will keep you sober once you are back in your regular environment, exposed to the same potential temptations and stresses as before.
  4. Outpatient rehab is tailored to fit your situation. In an inpatient facility, you might have group therapy which can, for some people, feel inadequate. But with outpatient therapy, you get the individualized attention that can set you up for the most successful recovery possible. With one-on-one therapy, you can address your needs in particular, not just the needs of the group.

How to Find the Best Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center

If you have evaluated the benefits of outpatient alcohol treatment and you are ready to get help, you need to know how to find the best outpatient alcohol treatment center where you live.

Evaluating different treatment centers comes down to what things you want most:

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment


For many people, this comes down to the therapies offered. Outpatient treatment gives you more control over the types of therapy that you receive. That is why you want to make sure the location you choose offers evidence-based therapies and any holistic therapies you might want. If you know that many of your alcohol addiction problems have to do with your family, you might need a facility that offers family therapy.


Location matters, especially if you are going to outpatient therapies regularly. Somewhere close to home or close to the office might be one of the most important factors when evaluating treatment programs.


Qualifications refer not just to the literal qualifications and certifications of the center but what they specialize in treating. Some outpatient treatment centers focus only on one type of therapy or another. Other locations focus only on one or two types of drugs so you might find a facility that has all the therapies you want with the flexibility you prefer, but they focus exclusively on opioid addiction instead of alcohol addiction. Similarly, suppose you need help with dual diagnosis, meaning you want to treat an underlying mental health condition along with your alcohol addiction or you want to treat addiction to multiple substances. In that case, you need a facility that can offer these programs.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment in Bloomington, IN

If you are ready to take your first step toward a better life, let Evolve Indy help with your outpatient alcohol treatment program in Bloomington, Indiana. Our facility provides comprehensive treatment not just for one type of therapy or one type of addiction. We can help you overcome your alcohol addiction and provide long-term programs designed to give you the skills you need to avoid addiction and relapse in the future. 
Reach out to Evolve Indy today to get help with outpatient alcohol treatment. You deserve to live your best life!

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