A reported 1 in 10 Americans are members of a labor union. Members form labor unions to enjoy mutual benefits like having collective bargaining power, protected workplace rights, and improved general warfare as employees. Although these unions are pro-employee, they also advocate and support drug-free workplaces. Nevertheless, most unions also support drug and alcohol rehabilitation and support.



How Will A Union Help Me With Drug Counseling Support?

Getting help for drug rehabilitation as a union member can be daunting due to the cost considerations and the fear of losing your job. However, drug addiction among union members has increased, leading several unions to take proactive steps toward protecting their members. These unions have substance abuse treatment plans and return-to-work programs designed to help you overcome your struggles. 

Unlike employees in a typical workplace, you won’t lose your union membership at just anytime and without any cause. Your union also protects your job under many circumstances, especially if you are a senior member. As such, you don’t have to worry about job security when you are battling addiction. Nevertheless, most unions will appreciate you coming clean with your struggles as an alternative to being caught, which certainly puts your job security at risk.

An additional benefit of union membership is increased access to health benefits compared to non-union employees. Since many health insurance benefits cover drug rehabilitation nowadays, your union insurance will likely also help you receive drug counseling support. Some drug rehabilitation centers even collaborate with specific labor unions to support union members battling drug abuse. As such, you may benefit from a customized long-term sobriety plan, detox and inpatient rehabilitation services, a comprehensive treatment plan, and return-to-work certification. Your immunity and health benefits you enjoy from union membership give you access to drug counseling resources, so consult with your union, human resources, and health insurance company to find the treatment option best for you.

Why Inpatient Treatment Options Are A Better Choice For You

Although outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are increasingly popular nowadays, inpatient treatments remain an effective option to consider for your drug abuse rehabilitation. Workers are typically the target of flexible outpatient addiction programs, but experts advise that these programs are most effective when used as an inpatient treatment requisite. Inpatient treatment has a high success rate of around 90% for several good reasons.

Safe And Supportive Drug Counseling Environment

A significant inpatient treatment benefit worth considering is your access to a safe and supportive environment ready to support you throughout your addiction battle. In such an environment, you are surrounded by peers and addiction experts who understand what you are going through. As such, you receive significant support, guidance, and encouragement. Inpatient treatment also whisks you away from your outside life and familiar environments. Therefore, you detach from your life’s stressors, which typically leads many to experiment with drugs as a coping mechanism. 

Any classical conditioning which leads you to associate familiar settings with drug use is slowly weakened. With inpatient treatment, you also receive protection from harmful influences compared to outpatient therapies. You will likely miss phone calls from drug dealers, invites from friends who want you to use them, and other personal distractions that may be relapse triggers. Escaping these triggers is especially vital in your recovery’s early stages, which is when you are most vulnerable to relapse.

Structured Environment

The strict routine present in an inpatient treatment facility does a better job of protecting you from relapse triggers than more flexible treatment options like partial hospitalization. Your days will be typically filled with therapy and support group sessions and other productive activities at designated times. This routine is designed to be as engaging as possible, leaving little room for thinking about obtaining and using drugs. Inpatient treatments are, therefore, useful in addressing craving issues. Inpatient treatments also make quitting significantly harder, compared to partial hospitalization and other more flexible options.

Holistic Drug Treatment

According to experts, addiction is both mental and physical. For effective treatment, you must receive both medical and psychological treatment for optimum results. Inpatient treatment provides the best holistic treatment option to address your drug use’s mental, physical, and psychological effects. Typically, your treatment will help you get through the infamous withdrawal phase, which can be fatal without proper guidance. Therefore, inpatient treatments are a cheaper, less complicated, and better alternative to outpatient and intensive outpatient rehabs, which leave you to schedule your detox arrangements separately.

Why Choose Evolve Indy?

Evolve Indy provides you with top-notch addiction treatment services designed to help you through several phases of your drug addiction recovery. Combining both traditional and modern methods, we deliver expert-level therapy that enables you to overcome your addiction regardless of your situation.

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