Decades ago, drug abuse was considered to be a sign of poor morals or a lack of willpower. Nowadays, it’s understood that this isn’t the case. Addiction and substance abuse disorders can have horrific effects on the lives of the sufferer and their loved ones. However, there are many drug abuse success stories.  

Many people who abuse drugs don’t realize the danger that they’re in before it’s too late. They may have started from a young age because it was normalized in their family or because they experimented. Or, an adult may have started to use drugs to cope with trauma. 

In America, many opioid abusers and addicts have been prescribed pain relief because of legitimate complaints. As their tolerance increased, they required more powerful opioids to have the same effect. This has led to a major opioid crisis. 

Getting Treatment

Drug abuse can destroy a sufferer’s physical and mental health, put them in difficult financial and legal situations, and can break down relationships. However, treatment can help you to break free of your dependency and to be able to live your life without using drugs. You may go through a series of programs or find that some are more appropriate for your circumstances. Either way, your treatment should be tailored to you.

A partial hospitalization program can provide a stable and structured environment which is especially beneficial for clients who have recently been treated or detoxified. It helps clients who are still suffering from some withdrawal symptoms so that they are prepared to deal with the impacts of their substance abuse issues. You can receive intensive treatment without having to stay overnight in a facility.

The next step is often intensive outpatient care, which allows clients to have more freedom so that they can resume their normal routine while still getting the care that they need. Another option is regular outpatient care, which is suited for those with mild substance abuse problems or who are still working their way back to their regular life after more intensive treatment. 

Has There Been Any Drug Abuse Success Stories?

Even after you’ve recovered from drug abuse, you may be wrestling with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Also, some of the consequences of substance abuse may linger, such as health problems, financial concerns, or strained relationships. Perhaps you have struggled with relapses in the past and you wonder if it’s possible to be successful after recovery.

First of all, relapse isn’t a failure. Yes, you want to avoid it if at all possible, but it doesn’t mean that complete recovery is impossible. Even if it takes multiple attempts, many people have successfully recovered and no longer use drugs.

Most people who have recovered experience a dramatic improvement in their quality of life and their mental health, which proves that a substance abuse disorder isn’t a hopeless condition, but something that you can recover from. 

Around 80% of people who have overcome a substance abuse disorder have gone on to achieve major life goals, like getting a university degree or a new job. These people are a testament to the fact that you can rebuild your life after recovering from drug abuse.


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